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GenX Actors On Broadway

DECEMBER 16, 2013
It is a young man's right - nay, his responsibility - to dream. I've had several 'dream' clients on my list since I was just a wide-eyed and apple-cheeked li'l illustrator and it's been a rewarding experience ticking them off the list as the years wear on. Admittedly some of these dream clients/assignments elude me and I'm not grandiose nor delusional enough to believe that I'll ever complete the list, but I'm profoundly grateful to have been awarded the opportunity to work with as many as I have.
With that nauseatingly mawkish intro out of the way I give you my latest piece for the venerable New Yorker. This one a front-of-the-book piece depicting 3 'GenX' actors who are currently starring on the Great White Way. From L-R: Ethan Hawke in Macbeth, Billy Crudup in waiting For Godot, and Sarah Jessica Parker in The Commons Of Pensacola.
Thanks be to Art Director Jordan Awan who just happens to be the coolest guy in town and that's a natural fact.

Drawing for me is an improbably physical process. There's no tea-sipping, no Lite FM sountrack and no attention paid to proper posture. I greedily plow through reams of paper and pitilessly grind countless pencils down to nubs in the course of production. I hunch and twist and bear down so hard that I often leave an imprint on several sheets of paper in a stack; it's more akin to carving than most people's understanding of 'drawing'. That's me. I'm tight as a goddamn drum.

A few days after publication I recieved word that the NYer's office had been contacted with a request to purchase the original art. Fortunately I find that most people are in touch with our digital age and are amenable to the receipt of signed archival prints in lieu of 'original artwork'. I'd have felt conflicted selling them the actual 'original': a crooked and smudged ball-point pen drawing on letter-sized copy paper.
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