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Bitching And Moaning
A Dramatic Re-enactment Of A Recent Commission October 15 Them: Wanna do a supercool gig? Me: Yeah, I surely do.Them: Seriously, get this: It's a drawing of a soldier on a... And I'm Off February 16 As of the very minute I stop typing this post, I'm on vacation. Which is well-needed, I might add, as I have a rather... Ad Mac, This One's For You: December 15 Esteemed colleague Adam McCauley recenty recalled a grueling experience he had trying to capture the likeness of Ralph... A Recap Of Yesterday's Meeting August 11 OK, maybe I was a little verbose. Sorry.What I'd hoped to get from you Drawgerites was some advice on how to spend my (... I'd like to register a complaint. July 18 Firstly, to the hardworking engineers at General Electric: Your portable air conditioning unit is, in fact, NOT "... Does Anyone Remember Laughter? April 19 I was browsing our vast digital archives recently and marvelling at the array of eye candy that we've produced over the... Good Times ( Whatever Happend To The...) March 6 A few days ago some pals and I were sitting around talking about the good old days. Now, at the tender age of 37, I... Adobe Streamline: A Necessary Evil? March 1 Does anyone out there utilize an autotrace app? I've been using Adobe Streamline since I was in short pants, but I'd... Promoting The Goods February 17 I've been sending postcards to AD's and designers since,like, the Pony Express days. They used to be crazy effective-... That's Short For "Web Log", Mom. February 16 Dear Diary: I've never blogged before. In fact, I work alone, have no kids, and rarely pick up the phone if I don't...
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