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Recent Portraits Of People You've Never Even Heard Of.

NOVEMBER 26, 2012
Mr Sam Kunz, Head of the Chicago Policeman's Annuity and Benefit Plan. Looking good, Sam!

Hello, reader. I assume your presence here means you've already completed your 'Cyber-Monday' shopping. I'm sure your Aunt Olive in Waukeegan will truly appreciate that 4 slice toaster in tangerine orange and what recent college graduate in his right mind wouldn't relish a pair battery-operated and fully machine washable 'electric cozyfoot' slippers? Lucky you, cousin Chuck! Happy holidays!
I thought you might like to have a look at some portraits I've done recently. The subjects are neither stars of stage nor screen. Nor are they political lynchpins, criminals, or popular musicians. These folk are business-folk and in the interest of complete and total honesty ( something I've always cherished in our relationship, dear reader) I have almost no idea whatsoever what business they're in or what makes them exemplary in any way. I trust in the expert art direction that I receive and forge ahead. Here for your delectation are the fruits of my labors.
Mr Richard Wallis, noted Auto Enrollment advocate.

Here I've dusted off the brushes and ink for portraits of extrordinary salesmen Stoots and Joliff.
Thanks as always for visiting. I'll try my darndest to blog more frequently. Keep those cards and letters comimg and enjoy the holiday season.
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