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Rantin' And Ravin'
Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" March 2 I read Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" several years ago and it left an indelible impression on me. It is the... Neo-Cubism and An Incident At The Secret Illustrator's Ball February 19 I got into a groove a while back that was a sorta 'neo-Cubist' thing. It wasn't really premeditated and it's a fairly... Let's Laff! With Lincoln. February 12 Do you remember 'Wheel Of Fortune' host Pat Sajack's short-lived talk show? I vividly recall one of Pat's opening... Make Mine Mastiff! February 11 Yesterday I enjoyed what's become an annual tradition for me: an afternoon spent amongst the dogs competing in the... More Tales Of Tigers. Get it? Tales? Of Tigers! January 27 I'm not one to make a promise I don't intend to keep. I often make promises I don't keep, but my intentions are always... 100% On Topic January 20 As an illustrator who's not commonly called on for portraiture or weighty topics, i rarely have pieces to share when... Another One Down December 31  I've been a bit lax on the entries lately, mostly because I've been saddled with large and protracted jobs that... Manny Acta and the Long Road to Washington June 16 The Washington Times contacted me last week looking for a portrait of Nationals manager Manny Acta. The article focused... On The Inevitable Extinction Of The Human Race or What, Me Worry? May 27 Last week I was contacted by the great Greg Klee, he of the Boston Globe and a client with which I've been fortunate to... Zombots From The Past! May 12 Here's a little something from the archives..I did my "Zombot" pencils for Pentech in 1992 I think- as I'd... Pets February 29 Pets are the greatest people I know. We love 'em so much around here that one wasn't enough. Last Sunday we adopted... Piggybacking To Vancouver February 17 A short while ago I was contacted (via Illoz- vive le Illoz!)  by a Mr Randall Watson on behalf of Vancouver... From Us To You December 23 Happiest of holidays to all of you. See you in '08. When Books Are Outlawed.. December 20 ..only outlaws will read books. Many of the books that have been banned from schools and libraries in the past are now... Listen To The Drones November 7 For my money, there is no finer Rock'n'Roll outfit working today than Australia's The Drones. Check 'em out for... The Defense Of Hamsteak Acres November 6 I was powerless against them. Those scents inflamed my curiosity; aroused my blackest passions. The breeze would swell,... There's A New Gun In Town. September 30 Heya! Huh? Yeah, it's been a while. I been busier than a one-eyed cat watchin' five rat-holes lately. Sure, I been... Lee Hazelwood RIP August 21 My favorite Sinatra has always been Nancy, and the combination of Nancy and Lee was a one-two punch without peer. Not... Working Hard and Hardly Working August 1 Greetings from everybody's second favorite Jewish carpenter. I've been busy as a one-legged tapdancer over here trying... If Icon, I Will July 6 Thought I'd take a break from the home renovation postings and focus on something a little more relevant to the Drawger... Crawling Through The Wreckage June 7 When we last met I was in the midst of a major renovation job, building a new half bath, storage closet, and adding... Studio In Transition May 21 Been a little low-profile on the Drawger circuit lately, and I wanted to dispel the rumor that I'd married a Bolivian... Huh? May 8 I've never claimed to be a financial wizard. I can add and subtract, multiply single digit numbers, and calculate a 20%... Assault By Mail April 10 Throughout my 'career', postcards have been the most effective means of advertising. I've tried websites and... All Hail Kroninger, A Beacon Of Unparalleled Generosity! March 29 Guess what I got in the mail today, people? A handbill from the Clash's legendary 1981 Bond's Casino shows and a... AA Bondy March 7 A tribute to Scott Bondy ( ex Verbena) and his new album 'American Hearts.'Verbena was a favorite band of mine, a... You Kids and your Digital Thingamajiggies! March 5 Seems that the young people of today are less likely to go to the theatre and take in a moton picture- they're... A Brief Recap Of My Recent Travels March 2 Houdineed January 31 The other night the missus and I settled in with a digital video disc entitled "The Illusionist". The entire... Start Every Day Inspired January 30 I've developed a recent obsession with the late Aurelius Battaglia. He was enormously prolific and equally talented yet... Nostalgia Act January 22 Late-Onset Sentimentality is an inherited disorder; my father became quite a mush in his later years and it seems that... Raves! January 16 I've got a big deadline breathing down my neck, so no time for any experimenting, sketching or painting - I've had my... Happy Birthday, Okie! November 20 Okie's one year old today. He celebrated with a chew followed by a nap.That's my boy! Happy Birthday, Pal- and many,... And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program November 20 I did this little number for tne esteemed Dave Bamundo at the WSJ this week. Dave Bamundo is good people in general (... Hope For Today's Youth October 6 Attention Parents: Turn off Dora. Turn off Thomas.DIG THIS!!:YO GABBA GABBACould it be? Is someone daring to actually... Stockholm, Mi Amore September 21 I'm just back at the helm after a few days in Stockholm. And there's a ton of stupid crap nipping at my ankles; the... Dinosaur, Junior August 16 Just got an e-mail the the reformed Dinosaur, Jr will be playing late this month here in Brooklyn. I saw them at one of... Okie May 22 Okie is seven months old. He has been banished from the bedroom at night as his snoring is now so purcussive it rattles... Wacky Packages Etc May 16 The esteemed Mr McCauley's post about Wacky Plaques and their brethren Wacky Packages had me scrambling to dust off and... "Let's Laff!" May 2 Many Thanks to the great Lou Darvas, whose cartooning school has catapulted my career into the stratosphere. No more... The Beast Increases:The Mastiff Gains Mass March 20 In January Mrs Wacksman and I aquired a new family member- Okie, a Dogue De Bordeaux or Fench Mastiff. He's been with... Turn On Your Teevee! February 27 I've always had a thing for animation - I'd go so far as to say that it is one of my primary influences and... I Hate Music February 22 I read somewhere that at some point in everyone's life, they give up on music- they just figure that what they listened... Year Of The Enormous Dog February 17 We lost our pal ( and company mascot) Junior in December. And by "lost" I mean he died. Junior would have...
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