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Itching And Scratching
Sexy Teenage Vampires Take America By Storm October 1 I'm both amused and flummoxed by the wave of teen vampires in pop culture lately. One has to imagine that... Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" March 2 I read Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" several years ago and it left an indelible impression on me. It is the... Neo-Cubism and An Incident At The Secret Illustrator's Ball February 19 I got into a groove a while back that was a sorta 'neo-Cubist' thing. It wasn't really premeditated and it's a fairly... Let's Laff! With Lincoln. February 12 Do you remember 'Wheel Of Fortune' host Pat Sajack's short-lived talk show? I vividly recall one of Pat's opening... More Tales Of Tigers. Get it? Tales? Of Tigers! January 27 I'm not one to make a promise I don't intend to keep. I often make promises I don't keep, but my intentions are always... 100% On Topic January 20 As an illustrator who's not commonly called on for portraiture or weighty topics, i rarely have pieces to share when... Boston Globe Op-Ed January 19 The other day I was up to my elbows in picture-drawing activities when the estimable Greg Klee phoned in a request.... Now We're Talkin' Tigers. January 5 Those of you who keep a sketchbook know that certain elements and themes can take root in your consciousness and... Manny Acta and the Long Road to Washington June 16 The Washington Times contacted me last week looking for a portrait of Nationals manager Manny Acta. The article focused... On The Inevitable Extinction Of The Human Race or What, Me Worry? May 27 Last week I was contacted by the great Greg Klee, he of the Boston Globe and a client with which I've been fortunate to... Piggybacking To Vancouver February 17 A short while ago I was contacted (via Illoz- vive le Illoz!)  by a Mr Randall Watson on behalf of Vancouver... Exhibitor Spread January 23 Recently the fine folks at Exhibitor Magazine displayed their good breeding and exceptional taste by hiring us to... When Books Are Outlawed.. December 20 ..only outlaws will read books. Many of the books that have been banned from schools and libraries in the past are now... A Little Hocus-Pocus From A Non-Believer December 10 Several years ago my career as an illustrator was flourishing in a manner I never could have foreseen. Despite the fact... The Dreams Keep Me Awake December 3 People often ask me about my 'personal work'- do I paint or do any 'fine art' work? I bristle at the notion that what I... Some Pictures I Recently Drew November 15 I've been tied to the scribbling post quite a bit recently. Here's a look at some of my output. A Dramatic Re-enactment Of A Recent Commission October 15 Them: Wanna do a supercool gig? Me: Yeah, I surely do.Them: Seriously, get this: It's a drawing of a soldier on a... There's A New Gun In Town. September 30 Heya! Huh? Yeah, it's been a while. I been busier than a one-eyed cat watchin' five rat-holes lately. Sure, I been... If Icon, I Will July 6 Thought I'd take a break from the home renovation postings and focus on something a little more relevant to the Drawger... Huh? May 8 I've never claimed to be a financial wizard. I can add and subtract, multiply single digit numbers, and calculate a 20%... APBT April 26 I love dogs of all sorts. But I try to be realistic about them. American Pit Bull Terriers, APBTs or simply pitbulls... Assault By Mail April 10 Throughout my 'career', postcards have been the most effective means of advertising. I've tried websites and... Howdeye Doodat? April 2 Apart from my ability to wriggle through a keyhole and shoot armor piercing lasers from my baby blue eyes, my third... Steroids Can Be Fun! March 21 I've been up to my chinny-chin-chin with a variety of productivity-sucking activities- tax prep, car repairs, doctor's... Why Do Bunnies DJ? March 14 What is it that makes these lop-eared little scamps love to spin the hits? It's a mystery that's stoked the artistic... While On The Subject Of Balls... March 14 Since I've fired up the old "Wayback Machine', let's take a moment to ponder this ill-advised sketch for the cover... AA Bondy March 7 A tribute to Scott Bondy ( ex Verbena) and his new album 'American Hearts.'Verbena was a favorite band of mine, a... You Kids and your Digital Thingamajiggies! March 5 Seems that the young people of today are less likely to go to the theatre and take in a moton picture- they're... And I'm Off February 16 As of the very minute I stop typing this post, I'm on vacation. Which is well-needed, I might add, as I have a rather... Poe-Poe Zao February 12 It's a wild world when one finds onesself at the confluence of Edgar Allen poe, Scott Bakal, and K-Fed. But here we... Houdineed January 31 The other night the missus and I settled in with a digital video disc entitled "The Illusionist". The entire... Conejo Con Radio January 26 Painting from a sketch that's been tacked to my corkboard since Regan was president. This piece might give the viewer... Nostalgia Act January 22 Late-Onset Sentimentality is an inherited disorder; my father became quite a mush in his later years and it seems that... A Little Later, Another Nader December 19 My last post was a portrait of Ralph Nader. It was an ugly affair and I considered it a failure. What left me somewhat... Star Gallery December 14 I've never concentrated on doing portraits; I enjoy character design so much that it's always seemed somewhat... A Brief Treatise On The Bomb Pop and It's Influence In Contemporary Illustration December 8 The Bomb Pop; A masterpiece of efficient and iconic culinary design; at once a refreshing and sweet summertime delight... A Little Holiday Cheer December 6 Keeping the momentum up. Oddly, this one took 4 tries until I got it right and I must confess: I took it to Ye Olde... And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program November 20 I did this little number for tne esteemed Dave Bamundo at the WSJ this week. Dave Bamundo is good people in general (... Dogue de Bordeaux Paintings November 15 While I know that some of those amongst us consider dogs the embodiment of evil and a suitable visual metaphor for... Smoke Pot Now! November 2 Not that i advocate the smoking of marijuana. I could care less.I was just looking for a provocative headline.If you're... Taking Apart A Well-Oiled Machine October 20 Yesterday I visited the optometrist. After gazing through a series of high-tech binoculars, stereoscopes. monocles and... Think FINK! October 9 Monster Art of the 1960's is one of the things that inflames the passions of my inner child, along with Funny Face... A "Delusional System" Is Born! September 15 "The distress of chaos followed by the establishment of a new order is a typical course of events which takes... More Fun Than A Barrell Of Flash Animated Monkeys. August 14 Finished up this little number a couple of weeks ago. Had fun designing the characters but the end result is a bit of a... Rhinos And The Riders Who Ride Them August 7 If you haven't done so, I implore you to stop by Mr Jos A Smith's Drawger page and have a look at his latest post. His... On Portraits/Likenesses July 12 I did this piece last week depicting Elliot S! Maggin. the writer of Superman comics for some 15 years or so. I had one... Fresh Off The Drawing Board May 5 Here's a little something I whipped up for Boston Magazine's John McCauley. John's an Illustrator's dream- always calls... How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Photoshop March 16 Listen, before you say anything, I know. I know it's corny and hackneyed.I'm sure you've seen it a million times before... The Way Of The Wacom March 15 Things are going OK with the tablet- it's been pretty fun and inspiring to experiment with and some of the results have... Way Cool Wacom March 13 Over the weekend I picked up a Wacom tablet. As i mentioned in my previous entry, I've been aching to work in a more... Hackin', Choppin and Photoshoppin' March 9 I have to admit that, despite my status as a tech guru to my immediate family, I know very little about these... G.L.O.W.: The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wacksman March 3 If there's one thing we dig around here, it's foxy ladies. The other thing is Kandy Korn, but that's a seasonal... Attention: Fashion Editors March 2 I've been wanting to do a fashion editorial for a while now. Mrs Wacksman works in the rag trade and has been a vocal... Apologies To Gentleman Jim February 18 A few years back, i had some "zine" that had an ad in it for some unremarkable garage rock outfit. They'd...
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