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That's (amoral violent nerve-fraying) Entertainment!

L-R: High School Chemistry Teacher, Tighty Whities, Hazmat Suit, Heisenberg.

Man, did you see Breaking Bad last night? Hard to believe it's coming to an end after keeping our collective asses on the edge of our collective seat for the past six years. Nearly impossible to guess how things'll turn out too- the story is so masterfully and meticulously crafted that - as in life - the principle characters are likely to do the very opposite of what you'd expect of them. They're fallable and complex and cunning and obtuse and capricious and tender and blackhearted. One would be hard-pressed to name a single character that is without some deep flaw in his nature. Of course there are moments where it behooves the viewer to expand their definition of plausibility, but as a whole it's as compelling and engrossing a drama as anything I've ever come across. If you're not watching it, well- don't start now. Only three episodes left!
This was a half-pager I recently completed for Jordan Awan at the New Yorker. He wrote asking if I'd be willing to tackle a Walter White paper doll. You'd have to be real stupid or real dumb to turn a gig like that down. I jumped at the chance and had a ball doing it.
So here you are, dear Drawger reader: print, cut, fold and tweak away!

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