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All Day, All Night, Donald Trump.
That's what I do for magazines,
Donald Trump.
Face like rat
And mouth like dump.
One more,
Donald Trump.
For Time. A near cover. DW Pine wanted another Bulworth-type design. But by doing extra sketching, I found you can avoid ripping yourself off!
For my GQ series, "Dumbest Quotes". So many. This one made me even feel sorry for the insect Charles Krauthammer. One day I will draw a kraut-hammer. Just not today.
For Mother Jones, social media noodges. Including, of course, Donald Trump.
How that all looked in print in last week's LA Times.
Also last week for the Outlook Section of WaPo, this series, illustrating fun quotes ABOUT . . . you know who.
Then a friend sent me this: from Spy, 1988. Do you think I have been an enabler?
From Last Night: Smackdown in Crazytown
Here, are promised, are some pieces done last night. About 28 posted in two hours.  The debate was maddeningly difficult to listen to and draw on for news. There was one big story here.  In a country burning with problems these "leaders" couldn't think of one of them to talk about. Benghazi, Planned Parenthood and Social Security are not on any person's agenda, unless you are tuned to the extreme right echo-chamber of Fox and crackpot radio. And of course that's who this was geared to. The problem though, for the GOP: millions of other people were looking in. And what they were seeing was not pretty. Thanks to Frank Reynolds, Annie Shields, Richard Kim, Roane Carey and Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation and especially Lisa Reist, my intrepid assistant who really made this happen.
See the whole shebang at

My Memorial Day
It was a happy Memorial Day for me as I was privileged to shine a light on one of the first: a ceremony held by former slaves on a site known as the Racecourse in Charleston SC in May, 1865 for The Los Angeles Times. Here are the elements of how the project evolved.
1-The research, done by myself . . . and the pitch to the Times. That almost always involves sketching. My first layout sketch, as usual, has too much information (and poor design.) 
2-Thanks to my wonderful editor Susan Brennemen, we summarized the first half to concentrate on the deeply moving story about the Racecourse. The order and design now was the challenge. 
3- In this next sketch you see the model sheet I used as a working design.
4-Then came making the elements and putting them into composition. You develop a sixth sense about how much text the design will hold. I draw the capital letters and set the type in a hand-made typeface (Brodner Bold).
5-Every day brings more decisions (usually made by trial and error) until everything works (dammit!). Finally, hours before it runs, fact checking calls, of course, with lists of all my crimes of grammar and style. These get hammered out, usually with one eye fast asleep and my bags packed for a weekend in the country.
6-The piece ran on Sunday. Photo in LA by Sarah Catania. Grateful to all involved. Remembering these unbelievably brave soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic and the amazing free men, women and children of Charleston. And everywhere.
The Dream of Politics Produces Hillarys
Live on Politico right now: An assignment that took 22 years to create. My Life With Hillary!…/my-22-year-ar…/002182-031071.html…
As we greet the return of Hillary Rodham Clinton to the political stage, it cannot be denied that she is unique in many ways. One of these is an almost unheard-of political longevity. Players in politics seldom hold onto front-runner status after 23 years in the public eye. In spite of great controversies (and one very big loss) Hillary, most definitely, still does.
Of all political figures today, she may be the most durable because of her multifaceted nature, appealing to both hawks and liberals, activists and business tycoons. Whatever you say about her, there is almost always some evidence pointing to the opposite. This also applies to the way I rendered her over the decades. My approach shifted as did her shape. So without any discernible theme, here are some 28 Hillarys that have haunted my career as well as my dreams.

My great thanks to Janet Michaud, designer, Susan Glasser editor, Lori Kelly, Katelyn Fossett, Garrett Graff. And especially to Jeff Bartholet for the inspiration for this project.
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