All Day, All Night, Donald Trump.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
That's what I do for magazines,
Donald Trump.
Face like rat
And mouth like dump.
One more,
Donald Trump.
For Time. A near cover. DW Pine wanted another Bulworth-type design. But by doing extra sketching, I found you can avoid ripping yourself off!
For my GQ series, "Dumbest Quotes". So many. This one made me even feel sorry for the insect Charles Krauthammer. One day I will draw a kraut-hammer. Just not today.
For Mother Jones, social media noodges. Including, of course, Donald Trump.
How that all looked in print in last week's LA Times.
Also last week for the Outlook Section of WaPo, this series, illustrating fun quotes ABOUT . . . you know who.
Then a friend sent me this: from Spy, 1988. Do you think I have been an enabler?
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