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Illustration Week
It's Illustration Week! That special moment in NY when a harmonic convergence of annual shows, talks and books about what we do becomes the talk of the town. We at SVA will be presenting our talk: POW! Mighty Art That Takes No Prisoners, 209 E. 23 St., 3rd floor amphitheater, on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 6:30. Free to all.
This began with a call from Tom Woodruff about putting together a talk in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre: a very important idea. This, over time, blended in my mind with the task of keeping graphic commentary on the minds of students. As current issues move from important to dire, especially in this political season, this talk couldn't be more important. Artists have a strong tradition of being essential participants in the political conversation.  And socially conscious art has been central to illustration from the dawn of journalism.
So here's POW: Mighty Art That Takes Now Prisoners. Frances Jetter, Peter Kuper, Thomas Woodruff and meself all showing our work, our influences and the angels of graphic witness who have touched our pencils. Because I am an illustrator and I can, I have rendered our panel as some geniuses of the past. They may quibble but, hell, I can draw what I want . . which is the point of the whole thing! All students, especially mine: be there! To all our visiting artists this week, a special welcome. Hope to see you Tues.

All Day, All Night, Donald Trump.
That's what I do for magazines,
Donald Trump.
Face like rat
And mouth like dump.
One more,
Donald Trump.
For Time. A near cover. DW Pine wanted another Bulworth-type design. But by doing extra sketching, I found you can avoid ripping yourself off!
For my GQ series, "Dumbest Quotes". So many. This one made me even feel sorry for the insect Charles Krauthammer. One day I will draw a kraut-hammer. Just not today.
For Mother Jones, social media noodges. Including, of course, Donald Trump.
How that all looked in print in last week's LA Times.
Also last week for the Outlook Section of WaPo, this series, illustrating fun quotes ABOUT . . . you know who.
Then a friend sent me this: from Spy, 1988. Do you think I have been an enabler?
From Last Night: Smackdown in Crazytown
Here, are promised, are some pieces done last night. About 28 posted in two hours.  The debate was maddeningly difficult to listen to and draw on for news. There was one big story here.  In a country burning with problems these "leaders" couldn't think of one of them to talk about. Benghazi, Planned Parenthood and Social Security are not on any person's agenda, unless you are tuned to the extreme right echo-chamber of Fox and crackpot radio. And of course that's who this was geared to. The problem though, for the GOP: millions of other people were looking in. And what they were seeing was not pretty. Thanks to Frank Reynolds, Annie Shields, Richard Kim, Roane Carey and Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation and especially Lisa Reist, my intrepid assistant who really made this happen.
See the whole shebang at

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