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Summer 2006...The End

Cassius has amazing aim.
It started so wonderfully; picking up Cassius on our tandem bike as his final month of school was winding down, opening the windows at night and dinner in the back yard.  Now we are opening the windows again to let the cool breeze in.  However, the earth is tipping away from the sun and those breezes will soon turn the leaves colors and the frost will cover our garden and we'll see our breath in the morning taking Cassius to school in the car.
What a great summer we had.
Here are some highlights.
My Sister-in-law Nell was a hero to us this summer, coming from Los Angeles to Eagles Mere, PA to take care of Cassius for a month!
Cassius is so fun, and will split you side with laughter!
Cash and his two cousins Molly and Ella.
After a summer in northwestern PA, Cassius was starting to countrify.
Elizabeth Rides a mean merry-go-round!
The only way to show I'm married is to stretch my arm out and shoot us as best I can. Elizbeth and Tim.
Finally You HAVE to try the bumper cars in Knoebles Amusement Park.
Elizabeth hiding her fear on the Ferris Wheel
Cassius is now a 2nd grader. Summer is just around the corner!
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