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NYC Marathon

NOVEMBER 1, 2006
It's been too long between posting info about ARTWORK, and I AM working hard right now on a cover for Time Asia, followed by a bunch of book covers and other projects. Since June though, I have been running, as stated earlier, and entered the NYC Marathon. I'll refrain from posting my estimates for the time I'm aiming for; many folks, including Ellen Weinstein, advised me that the course is a hard one to get a good time on. I got into the marathon by raising money for the Children's IBD Center at Mount Sinai. I spared you all the Drawger-guilt-trip of asking for donations. (I decided I can't make it to the CBS EARLY SHOW on Thursday morning, November 2nd. I have a deadline for my day job that is that morning and I have to stay up all night for it.) ...also, it was further described as a thing outside and suddenly I saw a long Q of 'fans' of the CBS morning show holding signs saying "hi Jane, get well soon" "Miss you mom" and "CBS is #1" I am dorky enough without the dorky backdrop. Finally, this has been fun to prepare for. For those who know me, I never eat carbs so I've been loving Oatmeal, pasta and bread. I also love the time out of the studio alone on those runs to contemplate life. My family, especially Elizabeth have had to do without me on many weekends so I can run. Thanks to all the donors too...I appreciate it.
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