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My Attempt at Humor

FEBRUARY 25, 2006
My clock radio woke me one morning with the usual parade of societal woes which somehow got me to thinking, "Who makes effigies?" I can't imagine the mob sitting down the night before a riot with a needle and thread... "Hey, Joe, pass me the pin cushion. Did you see the new Vogue pattern for the Uncle Sam effigy? Can't wait until that stripe material comes in from eBay, I was sure lucky to nab that twill." And I can't imagine it's someone's mom sitting at her Singer putting it together. "Son, do you think the head is sewn well enough to stay on when you drag it through the street from the back of your pick-up?" Maybe the rejects from Project Runway make them. I think I should leave humor to the experts. Well, I did get a nice sketch look going from 100% Illustrator.
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