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FEBRUARY 5, 2014
After twenty-two years on the computer, I decided it is time I informed my digital work with more tactile attempts once again. So I enrolled in a printmaking class.
But the first real session was cancelled due to snow. I'd done linoleum block printing in high school. Why not spend the same class time cutting on my own?
Well, it isn't as easy as I remembered. The linoleum is tougher and I keep skittering off course, making little digs into areas I want left untouched. Anyone have helpful hints on controlling my Speedball?

Update: I finished cutting the linoleum and another for a second color using tips from you guys. Keeping a lightbulb on the work was a big help. And one of my own: use a lightbox, too, to get an even warmth. Like butter..!
With class cancelled for Presidents Day next week, I wanted to get an idea of what I had so did a rubdown of the two blocks. This is fun..!

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