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How I Spent My Summer: Part Deux

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013
July means teaching a week at Murray Tinkelman U... actually University of Hartford / Hartford Art School (before that, Syracuse). This year I wanted to give the students something that they may not have experience with... animation. The problem was that my experience was pretty limited, too. So, I asked if they would hire Chris Georgenes as my co-teacher. I'd never met or spoken to Chris* but his book on Flash is what finally allowed me to make use of the program despite attempts every upgrade since Macromedia first acquired it.
In order to get up to speed for teaching, I animated a bunch of drawings that I had around. See the Kims and more here.
One of the few daylight sightings of our hard-working class. (Chris is the one with a circle around his face.)

Things couldn't have worked out better. The students were excited and very willing to try something new. Chris was a patient and wonderful teacher. And everybody got along like blueberry pie.. ala mode. I wish I had made a website of their work, it was fantastic. Exceeding all expectations, they did amazing things in one short week. I finally understand what teachers mean when they say that thing about learning from their students.
*Chris is too popular a name among illustrators. We had four within reach and often people referred to C.F.Payne (who teaches the second week up there) as Chris also. Somehow it all worked out.
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