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Recent Stamps

JULY 4, 2015
In honor of the fourth here is a set of stamps that came out earlier this year. I was imagining these three stamps in a coil that repeated seamlessly so that it would be almost like a ribbon of old glory. But as it turns out, they were chosen for a presorted standard denomination which means that it is used commercially and because the stamps are applied by machine, they need to be separated by about an eighth of an inch. So much for my painstaking seamless repeat..! 
I personally haven't gotten any mail with these on the envelope and don't think I'll be buying the coil of 10,000. So, this may be your only chance to see them..!
These guys had been tucked away for ten years but I'm very pleased their stamp was dedicated a few days ago. This one is for the second ounce of a first class envelope. They now make that a "forever" rate so it's labeled "additional ounce". I'd feel a bit like the guy in Fargo without a Frances MacDormand character to boost my self-esteem if I weren't so happy that it finally came out.
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