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My Trip to Detroit

APRIL 13, 2008
screen shot from the Painter portion of the workshop
My good friend and fellow drawger, Don K, invited me out to the school where he teaches (College for Creative Studies) for a talk, demo and good eats. Demos make me all panicky inside, but these went pretty well. It always gives me a charge if I can show something that I think is magical on the computer and I hear "wow"s and "oooh"s from the group rivaled only by the curtain opening on The Price is Right and a combination washer / dryer revealed as the next prize. I showed a few things in Illustrator, forgot to do my Photoshop portion of the demo and moved on to Painter. Most people know the first two programs pretty well by the time they get to college, so focusing on Painter seemed the right way to go. I should have bought Corel stock before I left.
small portion of the murals taken with my iPhone... how much do I love this new gadget?
There wasn't much time between all the events, but with the DIA right there, Don took me over to see the Diego Rivera murals. Absolutely gorgeous. I really regret not getting to see the Ashcan show, but I was one tired pup as it was.
Don at the DIA
Everyone at the school was incredibly nice and the students were excellent, full of enthusiasm. Getting to visit with Don and meet his kids and spend time with Kate, his wife was the best part of a great trip.
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