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The Daily Reportrait

OCTOBER 24, 2013

I'm trying to do a portrait a day, which realistically ends up at around 4-5 per week, for the next few months. (Monday - Friday). I have done this before for short periods, usually only lasting a couple days, maybe a week or two. Recently, my friend Chris Piascik, creator of Daily Drawings, (which is up to about #1,479 or something!) inspired me to get into it again, and tie into Instagram and other sites social. Having fun so far. I think I'm the only person out there with an Instagram account with nothing on it! Zip. Not enough hours. Well, soon enough...
Here are some from the first few weeks...

•The Daily Reportrait: Portrait illustrations of contemporary figures created in varying mediums by John S. Dykes. These portraits are created daily (mostly) and are accompanied by a hand-lettered fact, rumor, complete falsehood, or otherwise illuminating highlight of the character portrayed, and are designed to enlighten and entertain people and their relatives.
Please just contact me if you wish to receive these in a weekly email, or subscribe on my website.