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Recent Endeavors

APRIL 23, 2015
Here are some recent assignments that I've had some fun working on.
Cameron Douglas and his lawyer friend Jennifer Ridha for Psychology Today Magazine. The story is on how they, or she, fell head over heels in love. Then, she tried to help him out by smuggling some pills in to prison for him. Art Director, Ed Levine.

A detail...

Herewith, some accompanying smaller illos:

The alleged perpetrator brought in said pills with the assistance and full cooperation of balloons via brassiere. When the coppers banged on her door at 5AM, she had a hunch it was not just to bring coffee and donuts and chat about a parking violation.

Off to your left, you'll find a gouache demo/study I painted of Cameron Douglas (while working on the Psychology Today assignment) for my wonderful students at New Hampshire Institute of Art. Looking to your right, another demo. This time, a monotype having absolutely nothing to do with Cameron Douglas. Gary Kelly had just visited the school, and gave a great monotype demo. These things are fun to do.

For Mother Jones - Carolyn Perot, Art Director. article talks about a field day for digging up past dirt on Clintons.

I preferred the earlier round of roughs which gave focus to one Larry Nichols, longtime Clinton foe, and set at an archeological dig site. Digging up dirt. Editors wanted to go with the Raiders angle.

Tony Mikolajczyk, Art Director at Men's Health Magazine needed a road trip map, so I gladly drew one for him. And colored most of it in at no extra charge.

How To Speed Up Baseball, for The Wall Street Journal. Manny Valez, Art Director. This was a cover for the Arena section.