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Visit Your Local Mall Campaign

APRIL 1, 2014
When Art Director Morten Jacobsen from Zing in Denmark contacted me about the Visit Your Local Mall campaign, I hung up the phone because I didn’t like the snarly tone in his voice. But luckily, he called back a few days later, sporting a new attitude and what must have been a fresh pair of slacks. Starting this month in over 2,900 malls across America (only malls consisting of no fewer than three stores and having at least one food court, snack van or vending capability on-site), the Visit Your Local Mall Today poster push begins. The object is simply to raise awareness of the importance - as well as the entertainment value - of shopping, and to attempt to jump-start our anemic economy, nudging our GDP upwards and slowing the rate of a sinking social morale. Some early results are in, and the numbers look good. Over 7% of those without pre-existing mall shopping experience have expressed interest in a possible mall visit “in the near or not-to-distant” future. This is a good thing.

Creative Director Bekka Gothersgade could not have been better to work with, although many of the late night calls veered off track a tad and got kind of personal for me (Hi Bekka!). And thanks to Senior Branding guru Erics Van Tuborgs for his insight and disturbing, sick sense of humor - without which, we could not have completed this on time.

So get out and shop! And don’t forget your wallet.