Bill Mayer

The other day I was sketching in my sketchbook and I started drawing these little senarios for my little friend Bebo. In the same sexploitation and bad French (and now Norweigan) translations. This is a shameless jaunt through the rock and drug world, complete with a pair of Icelandic traveling companions Hotla and Helga, this story probably needs a rewrite but it was a lot of fun exploring. I am thinking it could still use a few more "fish" Clichés...all in all it was a blast to work on and I was pretty happy with the drawings ...writing well ,appologies in advance...Graphically I thought they turned out interesting enough to share....they were certainly a blast to play with. Couldn't resist throwing a few lines from one of my favorite parodies. If you Havn't seen "Fear of a Black Hat", put it on your Que. One of the funniest music parodies since "Spinal Tap."

nd yes just can't stop there is now a Bebo Trois...A rather stange trip back to the drug haze of Psycodelic Lutefisk, and a randy romp with Icelandic twins Helga and Hotla...Where the knulle this was going I have no idea but it was certainly a blast. I was trying to see if i could expand the pallet a bit. have the whole mess just pore out on the page and then suck it all back. I think it could definately use a little editing and maybe a rewrite. but graphically I was pretty happy with where this one went.

Stay tuned for more developing stories..What's up next ? I don't know., I never have any idea where these little silly things are headed, just sort of hang on for the ride...
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