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Should One Size Fit all Managers? For CIO Magazine

APRIL 28, 2015

 I have been playing around lately with some simple digital illustrations, and where better to try one out than on one of the illustrations for the fabulous SooJin. Always so many directions where these things can go... Thumbnailing ideas always one of my favorite thing to do.
From the dozens of ideas, the one clear concept seem to be the "Ships." It was tricky trying to size them without making one look inferior to the other. Showing that both had attributes that work in different ways... Seems like it always falls back to the very first idea...

I explored the composition, trying to find the one that felt right. When I got into the final, I decided to make the size between them more exaggerated...

The end result turned out simple, but I thought very elegant.
Always a pleasure working with SooJin Buzelli with one of these illustrations for CIO...

Beautiful type and layout from SooJin, Always makes the art look even better.

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