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New York Times For Kids... The Great Goldfish Invasion! January 30 What a great way to start off the new year, with a call from Debra Bishop with another fabulous project for the... AIRBNB A VERY GRIMM TRIP THROUGH NORTHERN GERMANY October 8 Had the opportunity to do a great series with Mallory Roynan over at Airbnb Magazine, for an article depicting the... 50th Anniversary MLK October 8 I got call from an old friend and fabulous art director BA Albert asking if I would do a quick turn around poster for... Radio Flyer's 100th Anniversary Kid's Travel Agency March 22 Radio Flyer's 100th Anniversary "Kid's Travel Agency" Posters. Radio Flyer is hosting the... Savages/Steppenwolf Theatre May 25 Interesting project for Ogilvy in Chicago.. A poster for Steppenwolf Theatre. It is Steppenwolf's fortieth... Fear of Failing... December 18 I have been playing with these gouache paintings for some time now. They have been a joy to explore. Sometimes they... New Little Experiments... August 28 I have been experimenting with some new digital directions. Always searching for new directions and techniques to... More Bugs! Scientific American.... June 1  Seems like I've been drawing bugs all month. Not really complaining, I loved these projects... This one... Simple Ideas Simple Colors March 20 Trying out some new illustrations, limited color palettes and concepts. Simple, thoughtful, conceptual... Blue is a... Weeded February 13  I recently met Torrece Gregoire through my sister Sue.  She goes by the nickname T. Maybe because I I... Many Thanks... January 22 The last year came and went. We had a fabulous time in Canada at the cottage... Took long rides around the point.... Marie's New Hat or, Le Nouveau Chapeau de Marie August 4 Two new little portraits I was playing around with. I had been painting a lot of animals lately and thought it... Through the Looking Glass June 9  I have been thinking a lot lately about how many thumbnails to share with clients. In fact, Rick Anwyl and I... Innovation in Finance; New York Times December 5 Alway a treat to work with Minh. The Dealbook cover was a collection of articles about innovation in finance. Some... Treasure Hunters of The Financial Crisis; New York Times November 22  Minh called me Monday with another little rush job. I am guessing because all of you were partying at AI . Oh,... FEAR OF FALLING June 11 Wall Street Journal, It's been a year since my last illustration for Orlie. A fun little Illo for the business... Chan Chu and The Peaches of Imortality... May 20 Every year for as long as I can remember.... the first thing I do on January 1st  is to write Jim Burke and see... PlanSponsor: Plotting A Course May 7 Always a joy working on these illustrations for SooJin. This one had so much potential from the start. Exploration... 3x3 Feature Coming Soon April 26 Thrilled to have a 3x3 feature coming out soon. Written by the fabulous Goñi Montes. It's been a while... Winter Dreams December 23 It's been an odd week for me, staying away from media, news coverage...it's  just too disturbing. For... THE CREATIVE CARNIVAL- ( Hot Foot ! ) October 20 It's Carnival time again, the cottage is put away for the winter and there's something in the air. The chill... What I did on my summer vacation... October 18   What I did on my summer Vacation... Day one. Long drive, good friends, cocktails by the bay,... Old Tricks for New Dogs... July 3 FEAR OF FOOD April 20   This is a horrifying little story about the problems with the quality of food supply in China for both the... Sink or Swim. March 21 Asset International: Interest Rates Rising. Sink or Swim. Another illustration for SooJin, this one about surviving... Boston Globe-Unbearable Lightness of Being... December 7 Here's another great little editorial piece for The Boston Globe. This little e-mail came in on a Saturday.... Under Preasure... October 4 Creative Carnival September 16 Sometimes something just lands in your lap with so much potential. When you have a client that is open for you to do... New York Times September 14 I got an email from Minh at New York Times about a little spot illustration for a story he said he would love for me... Oz-Cetera August 17 This drawing started off as an idea to take something disturbing and try to cover it up with something beautiful.... The Willow and the Lamb June 10  General Orders No.9 Opens in Broollyn June 24th 20011  Trailer The Great Deluge.... May 20 I woke up this morning to more depressing news about the floods in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. I thought... JAZZOO 2011 March 28 If it's not apparent, JAZZOO is a fundraising event for the Atlanta Zoo. When I got a call to do this poster, it... Dellas Graphics Frogfolio Part Two March 24 I had a little more time, so went back to a technique I stumbled on last year. These little brush drawings were a... Dellas Graphics Frog Part Three March 23 Oz Resurrection March 17   Oz Magazine - OzCetera is being resurrected and the owner and friend had called me about doing a cover.... Goodbye Kitty and friends.... December 8 For the love of a good line... November 24 While working on a new business pitch for Y&R, I did these little New Yorker-ish line drawings. They wanted a... The Good , The Bad and The Ugly November 24 On a side note: Obama was blue, because he started off as the multi armed Indian God, "Kali." It was going... Staying Sharp #3 October 19 Okay a great way to stay sharp, take an object from your studio and do ten sketches :10 min.... for me; ( insert... Gold Fish in Black and White July 7 So, waiting on approvals the other day, thought I would try out a few more brush drawings. I picked the goldfish... All Aboard June 22  The Other day we were rummaging through some old files and ran across these thumbnails. Even though this was a... Village Voice Bed Bugs June 20 Sometimes when you sit down to work on Ideas , you just get too many great ideas. Sometimes even the Art Director... NPR WINS GOLD IN SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS WEST June 17 Sometimes you come up with great ideas ,sometimes it's your grand kids that come up with the ideas and you just... PEST PLANET June 7 Click Here to see All Final Images. When Mathew Willis / Blue Print Partners, Amsterdam called me about working... Buzzing with Creativity June 4 This was a fun little illustration for David Sather; “Buzzing with Creativity.” I know this Illustration... Revista Piaui spot May 22 Cecilia, from piauí magazine again and I have an enquiry. Here's the thing: On our next issue... IS THIS A CUTE COW OR WHAT? May 5 Okay here's a little job we finished a couple of weeks ago.These little guys are for a print campaign for... THE DEATH OF FROGS PART 1 April 29 This years Dellas Graphic Frog Caledar  for 2011 . This year I did the usual 50+ thumbnails... THE DEATH OF FROGS PART 2 April 29 This little experiment I think may have found another style to play around with and maybe with some conceptual...
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