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ROTTEN TO THE CORE November 2 Lee and I were on a hiking trip in Scotland when Forest texted me about a super cool job for the New York Times kids. A... "Lucid Dreams" Opening at Copro Gallery curated by Beautifully Bizarre Magazine April 23 By embracing your subconscious, you gain a different way of seeing and experiencing—an expanded perception that... Hamilton King Award 2021 April 21 I am so thrilled, and honored by the Gods of illustration, to have this painting chosenfor the Society of... AIRBNB A VERY GRIMM TRIP THROUGH NORTHERN GERMANY October 8 Had the opportunity to do a great series with Mallory Roynan over at Airbnb Magazine, for an article depicting the... Many Thanks... January 22 The last year came and went. We had a fabulous time in Canada at the cottage... Took long rides around the point.... FrogFolio 2014 July 7 Always the highlight of my year to do another FrogFolio illustration for JIm Burke. Thanks JImmy, for keeping... Winter Dreams December 23 It's been an odd week for me, staying away from media, news coverage...it's  just too disturbing. For... Demented Little Beasties ( Part Deaux ) July 20 Creative Carnival September 16 Sometimes something just lands in your lap with so much potential. When you have a client that is open for you to do... The Dead Mimes May 20 I was recently on my old website and ran across this little series of drawings I had done some time ago. I had beed... JAZZOO 2011 March 28 If it's not apparent, JAZZOO is a fundraising event for the Atlanta Zoo. When I got a call to do this poster, it... Goodbye Kitty and friends.... December 8 Staying Sharp #3 October 19 Okay a great way to stay sharp, take an object from your studio and do ten sketches :10 min.... for me; ( insert... Staying Sharp #4 October 19 Okay a great way to stay sharp. take an object from your studio and do ten sketches :10 min.... The keys are so dull... Gold Fish in Black and White July 7 So, waiting on approvals the other day, thought I would try out a few more brush drawings. I picked the goldfish... Revista Piaui spot May 22 Cecilia, from piauí magazine again and I have an enquiry. Here's the thing: On our next issue... Queen of Swords May 14   Queen of Swords. I 'm not really sure if there is a rational explanation behind this silly... Poony Poony May 11 Recently worked with NYC-ME on a new pitch for a COPD account, we did some directional thumbnails for character... BEBO May 4 Originally this little comic started in badly translated French, I thought it was funny but the gang around the... Lee Lee Takes a Nap May 4     I was going through one of my sketchbooks and I... Diet of Worms May 3 The Rotten Earth April 28   I have had this Idea for a painting in my head for a while. Ever since I read Blood Meridian, a novel... THEMS POKEMONS IS DEVILS April 25 When Forest was about six years old he had a friend J'Pierre who's mom wouldn't let him play...
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