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Print Fantasy

JUNE 18, 2018
Escaping in to a world of your own creation is great fun and something I am now doing more and more so come and join me and lets have fun.
The French like my sculptures and prints very much but as for my inventions they suggested that I stick to the drawing board. “The Spollen Arso Electric Land Luge’ renewable green energy, transportation! This was a brainstorm I had recently employing both used and found items even a working razor scoter in the trash. My neighbor Ed Arso can fabricate anything hands of gold but despite that it on completion our machine could only travel at a disappointing 6 mph. I walk at 3-4 mph, so it’s back to the drawing board. I talk about this with my students failure is the road to success, and one should not be afraid to make mistakes. I could fill a book with the crazy ideas that I have dreamed up made and tested.
The French but up my prints all over their southern bound train stations in south of France 1912,well in my world they did. (Actually The Art Bridge Projects Staten Island has just requested three of my art pieces to hang on the South Shore of Staten Island location to be announced, opening is set for Saturday June 16 2018, so please say tuned)
Hanging out in France 1908 with my good friend and brilliant inventor Monsieur Bleriot very nice fellow, if just a bit intense. Mr. Bleriot is also an early riser as well six am on the airstrip is common practice for him. What fun!
Our coal comes in via Balloon once a month from Northumberland and Durham England. The flight from England takes about three weeks depending on the wind direction and the weather. Fine number seven British coal its burns very hot makes great steam yet gives off very little smoke. As the massive Balloon hovers over our little Staten Island New York studio and our open coal shoot the neighborhood dogs all bark and the children all wave. A massive dark shadow seems engulf everything in the neighborhood as the coal pours down the long and winding shoot. The children all run over each month to our factory gates on the balloons arrival. The pilots are found of throwing down bits of salt-water taffy to the adoring children below.
Many folks think that all we do at the Steam Powered Art Factroy is sit around and make art and movies all day long. When in fact we are very active in conducting scientific experiments, the main one is understanding drag and its reduction. Frontal area and how to solve it as an aide adie to human power and the profilitoration of human power machines and a move to a greener society.