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Chris Spollen - Tiki Island

Tiki Island

Pure Escapest Fun
Chris Spollen -  New Sculptures

New Sculptures

Chris Spollen - Surf Beach

Surf Beach

An Island of Your Own Making
Chris Spollen - Illustrations


Commisioned Art
Chris Spollen - Studio


Moonlightpress Studio
Chris Spollen - Tnkers Toys

Tnkers Toys

After long walks on beach with my brother it hit me. Look at all this stuff,what stuff he asked?,this stuff.As a way of de-programing myself this simple toys are a way to unwind,that combined with peacefull morning walks on the nearby shore line.
Chris Spollen - Tin Can Art from Surf Beach

Tin Can Art from Surf Beach

More handcrafted art brought back from my most recent trip to Surf Beach. Surf Beach is a pleasant world where the inhabitants live extremely simple, and recycle almost everything. The objects they hand craft out of discarded tin cans are both used as toys for their young as well as display pieces for their small but neatly designed cottages. They live in a simple substance economy, where the word consumerism has no meaning. They seem to be quite content to have just a few things. And take great pride in displaying their hand skills and creativity in the making of what we might best describe as folk art. I find myself going back to the island more and more these days with the world the way its is currently. Living the simple life is becoming more a more appealing to me, as I explore this crazy journey we call life.
Chris Spollen - Space Art

Space Art

Well why limit ones self to one dimension when you can work in three. I call this series “Space Art,” just a simple flow of ideas more and more I find myself enjoying this sort of departure.
Chris Spollen -  Familiar Shapes and Forms

Familiar Shapes and Forms

These are shapes that I have drawn in one form or another since I was a school kid. On book covers, and noted pads getting lost not doing my lessons daydreaming. Now I am older and looking back at them again and sort of playing again. They seem to want to be made in dimensions. Cool stuff that won’t go away, I guess that is what cool stuff does,
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