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MARCH 18, 2019
Our story begins in the summer 1889 when the Shanghi Hell cat is discovered in China by non other the Mr. Bailey of Barnum and Baily fame she sails over to America with him to San Francisco and is then taken by train to his Harlem Mansion to meet the first NYC Press conference, and Press NYC Press loves her and this the amazing new act. This is where our amazing journey and detailed story now begins. Most folks do not understand when you have spent an entire lifetime of coming up with images for hire your brain becomes like a fine tuned machine. Under pressure of a dead lines to read the manuscripts and create a myriad of images ideas, sketch’s color comps then finals. Now with all those years of experiences of living in the minds eye the images now just seem to flow. Joyfully they are now all my images, the words seem to arrive after the images have been established such fun. Yes you can tell the nuns that Mr. Spollen is still daydreaming and yes that he does in fact still have an over active imagination for which has truly has been blessed so sorry. The Shanghi Hellcats New York Adventure (movement and sound: sort film) The link is here on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K96NTs0iuIE
Tommie is testing his newly built rocket ship design and is flying over Staten Island as “Duke” the old sea gull Tommie’s best friend as well as his flying instructor watches very closely and worries. This little boy is determined to fly to the moon! “Tommie” The Little Boy who grew Up by the Sea,” the Journey continues
“Brent the Robot-ton” of Great Britain 1836 designed and built for The Royal Navy Often referred to as captain “Brent the Bug Eyed Robot-ton” Brent was basically a robot -ton calculator build for the royal navy to compute the gun power sizes for its royal naval deck guns, as well proper elevations for the deck guns to hit declared targets. He as a rare combination of both mechincal and steam power, it was reported when the questions grew to intense for him he would blow steam off from the top of his head and his head would spin very violently. From a current series of all metal “Retro Robot -ton s” old school European French English and Chinese early auto-ton A.I. of the eighteen hundreds. {An All-metal Sculpture with a fully rotatable head. Made in the USA}
My poor wife has to live in a world full of Da Vinci based flying machines
“Ma Wa Jo” The Metal Peacock Robot-ton of China 18o8 Designed and built for For Chinse Royalty who at first it was thought that this detailed metal bird peacock to be just a temple decoration. Discovered at the temple of “Kang Xi “ the then emperor but after closer investigation by both the king and his court it was soon discovered that she could tell fortunes. This odd bird like Robot-ton would often when asked questions move her head over night in the direction of either a yes or a no. This still remains to be proven as it happened so very long ago, but writings have been recently discovered that the king would often go to “Ma Wa Jo” when in need of very critical political decisions. From a current series of all metal “Retro Robot -ton s” old school European French English and Chinese early auto-ton A.I. {An All-metal Made in the USA Sculpture with a fully rotatable head.}
I came across these wonderful memories recently when cleaning my studio office. I was very fortunate in the early years of my career to have been chosen several times to travel with the US Air force via the Society’s of Illustrators NY, Air Force Art Program. To Jet pilot training school in Missippi, , to the tail fueler in a tanker plane conducting a mid air refuel of a fighter jet over the North Carolina Air Force base. I was let in the mountain base inside Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station as well as given a tour of the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) a major command of the United States Air Force, with its headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. To this day I have several pieces of my art hanging in the pentagon, but this is pale in comparison to all the major adventures the Air Force let me be a part of. Adventures and experiences that I will forever remember and cherish for the rest of my life. And as the captain turned to me and said to and which I will never forget “stay with us kid because we are going into space!”
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