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Living in a Parallel Universe

JUNE 26, 2017
So I might have spoken a little to the Russians, whatever!
Special thanks to Rick Schneider and the Norman Rockwell Museum for the wonderful post on their website of my artistic journey and work here is the link: http://www.illustrationhistory.org/essays/artist-in-the-third-dimension
The Nautilus 2 1886 Ash and Campbell constructed their craft, the Nautilus 2, in 1886. It was 60 feet long with a 9.7 kW (13 hp) engine powered by 52 batteries. The Nautilus went for some trials at the Tilburg docks it was an advanced design for the time, but became stuck in the mud during trials and was discontinued This is the “Nautilus 2” sitting at the Tilburg’s Dry Dock England. If you look very closely you can see the two designers Ash and Campbell inside the portholes. This is a rather large sculpture in that it measures over three feet across and two foot in height. Composed from single cast aluminum pillet and this is combined with steel, brass parts, and some hard woods.
Fantasy French Ray Guns 1936 Two prototypes for a 1936 French production of the movie “The Race to Le Moon” These are two very detailed art pieces composed of cast metals and hard woods all hand made by local French craftsmen. Unfortunally the film never went into producton, the funds simply could not be found. It was to be a retro stop action and mixed live action film clips very much along the lines of the now famous French filmmaker Gaston Melees work.
Louis XIV The Sun king 1643 -1715 “Le Rocetship De Space Adventurer” This decorative art piece is thought to have been presented to him as a gift, knowing the kings love of the arts as well as flight. This rocket ship seems to have been influenced by early Chinese art and rocketry, and their experiments with their major invention of gunpowder. The King had his own personal gallery in the summer castle of both flying machines and very detailed hot air balloons. This sculpture is two foot high and is eighteen inches wide. Is is composed of fine metal pieces recycled from early American fine silverware as well as some hard woods.
“The Blue Steel” a Mechanical Blue Fish of Sorts Art based on concepts of utilizing materials and components from the post war American factories. Houses, Cars could be reconfigured to make and meet the demands of a post war growing American rebuild. I had the pleasure of attending a Buckminster Fuller lecture in the early seventies at Wagner College, I actually got to meet and shake his hand he seemed to vibrate with creativity. ( Just a footnote here he created the Dymaxion Car, as well as the Buckminster Dome) This piece is made in part from a discarded former military mess hall meat slicer. Quality US made steel as well as satinless steel. This sculpture measure three foot wide by eighteen inches high and is laminated with three coats of water-based varnish.
“Forties Fantasy Blaster” 1949 A forties hand held side arm space blaster that sits very proudly on a removable all metal base. Another piece for the parallel world collection most likely a prop from the Metro Golden Mayer vaults. This is a metal and wood sculpture it is a foot and a half wide by roughly a foot and a half high. The space pistol sits on a removable base and is for sure a piece of Sci- Fi cinematic history Lets go to the moon and deep into outer space with madmen, rocketships, and OMG female robots on board! ‘Life is Truly and Adventure’
“Quadra” The Warrior Queen Robot (Robots and Ray Guns and World Domination) Once again the quest to rule the world, total world domination is now within our grasp. After much work and many re-designs the prototype for the new head of the” High Princess” is now completed. “Quadra” the Queen of the warriors and working bots has been finally completed. The shop is now in fired up to a full steam mode as production goes to twenty-four seven. {This is an all-metal sculpture “Robot Head” that is two by two foot in size. A headpiece sculpture that is attached to a presentation metal base.}