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Putting it on the Walls

APRIL 14, 2014
Strange my art is now on walls here (NBC Shooting) Used to be in magazines Putting it on walls standing back and looking for a first time
Lucky Jing my wife now has me involved with the Saten Island Arts Council
Gabe Pressman doing a show on the arts on our little Island media is fast sort of made me a little nervous Gabe is a media legend now at ninety years young was a sweet heart both on and off camera, a three minute special should be on air late April early May
Working and thinking in dimensions Kind on nice seeing the work on the walls rather then in my studio shed
I have been enjoying working on small story sculptures, in a way still illustrating and telling stories its simply that they are my own stories now
Firing up Robot #42 and he is once again and on the move
Robot # 42 will on display be at the Monmouth Museum this summer June 2014 trough September 2014
Gassing up for evenings’ lift
Interesting observation the viewers all wanted to hear the story’s behind each piece of art in hindsight I should have included them.
“Mechenations” Cottage Widgets Winter Series 2014 Mechanical Flight Model Number Eight Da Vinci based Mechanical Flight Study