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On Press Again

FEBRUARY 10, 2012
This is place where the old captain spins his yarns

Cleanly up the studio recently I came across a box of old Parsons School of Design sketchbooks I was as a very passionate sketchbook keeper who loved the bay and the boat yard. Also had an early twelve shoot Polaroid black and white camera with peel and coat magic applicator so photo would last, they did. Hydro and aero forms, the wooden boats are all gone now but they live on in me

Saucer on deck a new sculpture

British Steam Spinning home a British Royal Flying Saucer returning from her three-month mission into deep space. Back from space patrol after conducting various scientific experiments the crew excitedly waits for touch down on mother earth and a home cooked meal of Shepard’s pie.

Will be going on the road soon to do a little show and tell discussing the process and sharing the journey

The Moonlight Press is up and running once again and we are currently printing and publishing

The Poster “Steam Guns and Girls" is coming off press next month we are very looking forward to it.

Flight what can I say