Chris Spollen
Heavy Heads
The “Heavy Heads Series” Recent Sculptures by Chris Spollen
Eight Semi Robotic Alien Spaces Heads depicting, Gods, Over Seaers, and Strange Deities loosely based on the on the Politian’s, Priests and Leaders of our current world
The word is getting outside of the factory, the new sculpture’s are near completion
“Re-Breather Level Ten”. From Galaxy as of yet unknown, found at the crash site of an ancient flying saucer. A level ten re-breather capable of breathing in ten atmospheric pressure levels and still able to function, think process information, and preform duties.
“The Joyful Head”, a sythinzer of sound capable of music in over one hundred languages, a sort of onboard entertainment center. This head reveals a roundness of full sound and a provider of well being for the crews on long journeys that all have come to enjoy.
#4 The Communicator” the translator of information and dissemination of that information. A sort of onboard computer for updates as to time, location and, climate. He chatters out reports and logistics at a very high rate of speed very loud and repeats information on over and over. Eventually the listener perceives the information as truth in that it has been stated so many times.
And the word has gone out as a proclamation that the “Heavy Head Series” is now completed”. Hand pressed parchment prints of been pasted glued and posted all over the kingdom. Acknowledging the names of each and working description of each Head .The final information as of yet about an actual show and actual sculptures has yet to be announced. The townsfolk are patiently waiting await a response as the when and where this fine art will nailed up and be displayed.
“The High Priest” ruler of the heavens a spiritual a speaker of truths both known and unknown the purveyor of divine wisdom he is the no all and be all of cosmic and divine wisdom. The processor of massive amounts of pure electric energy given power to him by contributions daily from his massive amounts of followers who worship his every sermon. A techno evangelist who appreciates your every contribution from you his devoted followers. A glowing beacon of hopes his massage pulsating to you though your very own monitor.
“Lord Governor”, A sort of cosmic lawyer, a keeper of the laws a processor of the written and unwritten rules, a high symbol to worship and above all to obey. A symbol of what is right and a guide a ruler an example of the path to righteousness. He is beyond corruption he is a true leader he bends to none and protects the innocent and purges the rich and the corrupt
“The Inspector”, an all attention to details head with the eyes of the spaceship in terms of the devil being in the details. A watchful overseer to all hands onboard the ship. A purveyor of the midshipmen wisdom in that no detail goes unnoticed or unseen. The Inspector leaves no stone unturned in his all present watchful gaze, and recording of the crews performance.
“Intel Bot”, A communications and navigations system’s analyst a steady as she goes gyro, a bot who can operate in four dimensions and still keep the ship on an even keel. The intelgance of command updates, coordinates, dispatches, and weather all with in a stray flow on endless information.
“Alien Space Travler”, an aerobatic presence in the form of a now ancient past, and origins still unknown. A multi galaxy traveler with patterns and markings form a life form that is still cryptic to us. This head is now visible for us to explore and investigate ,its past, present and future the mystery is still to be resolved
Going Inward
Commander Cody’s Side Arm Sculpture: brass, steel, wood, and clear two-part epoxy Free standing space gun on removable base Dated around ninety fifty-two this space gun was used by the commander on many of his adventures. The 1950s science-fiction serial character, whose name is actually Commando Cody Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe Commando Cody was originally filmed as a twelve-part television series but union contract issues forced Republic to first exhibit it through regular movie theaters as a 12-part weekly serial. While the TV episodes build on each other in chronological order, the serial episodes lacked the traditional cliffhanger endings that characterized all previous serials. The Commander had a rather large impact on me as a small boy who sat glued to the small black and white television set each Saturday morning watching with great amazement every move every adventure.
“THE HOVER 47” PROTYPE A HAND HELD “STEAM POPPER” Few people realize that the Hover Vacuum company based in North Canton, Ohio was actually investing in research and development of futuristic steam and gas powered hand held weapon alternatives. The first upright vacuum cleaner was invented in 1908 by Canton, Ohio department store janitor and occasional inventor James Murray Spangler (1848-1915). After refining the original design and obtaining a patent for the “Electric Suction Sweeper” he set about producing it himself, assisted by his son, who helped him assemble the machines, and his daughter, who assembled the dust bags. Production was slow, completing just 2-3 machines a week. In his spare time Spangler experimented with steam and gas propelled weapon designs. Featured here is the “Hover Steam Popper” a three shot hand held fully automatic handgun. Its has been reported the Henry Ford was very much interested in the design and was considering manufacturing it himself Spangler passed before this could happen.
“Winter WORK” February 2016 Fabricating and Fantasizing This has been a rather cold winter with temperatures between zero and three degrees and winds of over thirty-five miles and hour. All my life I have wanted a studio of my own a place to think and work and now I have it, a modest one-car garage with electricity and running water. It has a little heat not much but a pair of recycled “Hugs” with redesigned two-inch soles a down vest with and the addition of a wool scarf does the trick quite nicely. A place of solace to retreat too far from the madding world a place to think tinker and create. One would be amazed at what has produced in this small and modest environment. Shown here is a new flyer under development in the studio, this is a daily occurrence and comes together over a series of days the early morning hours they are the best for its a good a time for thinking. The quiet hours of the new day provide a tranquil flow of creativity and thought. Add to this mix a strong brew of chockfull of nuts coffee no sugar and a little half and half and you have attained a state of pure bliss “Allah’s Chocolate”. And did I mention the large twenty-six ounce metal can that this wonderful exlexer comes in it is excellent source of material for recycling when one is involved in the almost steady production of free standing metal robots.
I startled a morning Blue Back Manta Ray sunning its self in the warm mornings early spring sunlight. Once it spotted me approaching it quickly jumped off the pilings and swam towards New Jersey and in a wink disappeared into the deep bay waters never to be spotted again. {Metal, wood, and epoxy sculpture. Measuring here foot long by two foot wide}
Morning Manta Ray Spotted recently on a cool and quiet spring morning at Dongan Hills beach in Staten Island New York (Iron, and wood and epoxy sculpture)
Finally able to get the word out now that the series is finally completed We are joyfully spreading the word out and about town (Eight flying machines composed of steel, brass, and wood, all relief sculptures All eight measuring about a foot and one half high and a half-foot wide}
Here is two of eight designs believed to have been presented to Louis XIV [1638 September 1715}, known as Louis the Sun King (le Roi-Soleil) as possible court commissioned royal flying balloon prototypes. It is still unknown weather these were actual flying deign prototypes or simply fantasy works of art or mere simple whimsy. Louis during his command invited manufacturers and artisans from all over Europe to France, such as Murano glassmakers, Swedish ironworkers, and Dutch shipbuilders. In this way, he aimed to decrease foreign imports while increasing French exports, hence reducing the net outflow of precious metals from France. So he was known to have been a passionate patron of the arts as well, and these eight designs may have in fact been actually commissioned by Louis XIV. These designs were far more decorative then were practical, but they were beloved by royal court when Louis XIV put on them display at the palace.
A side arm believed to have been developed and used by Dr.Zarkov along with is partner and best friend Flash Gordon. Dr. Hans Zarkov was a fictional character appearing in the Flash Gordon comic strip and the following serials, films, television shows and comic books. Zarkov was a brilliant scientist who created amazing rocket ships and forced Flash and Dale Arden to come with him to the planet Mongo, and fight against Ming the Merciless. People often talk about the suspension of belief, no problem here I was literally hanging out with Dr. Hans Zarkov on all his adventures. But I might also add here I was ten that helps a bit. As a small rather impressionable boy I was simply taken away I loved it, especially the rocketships!
Fabricating and Fantasizing
Russian Space Art Vladimir Putin has been quoted as saying of Professor Spollen’s work, “Nice guy, but a little strange, but I kind of like his stuff ”. Putin has also expressed some concern “So who is this guy Spollen”, and how does he know so much about our Russian Space Secrets CIA, MI6,KGB? Professor Spollen has been working very closely with the Russian government both with the Foreign Exchange Public Relations Dept, and the Russian Office of Aerospace.
Vintage Art pieces from an almost forgotten past now have been painstakingly brought back to life. A time of “Sputnik “and rocket launches of manned an unmanned capsules orbiting our planet earth. In this collection you will find strange oddities from toy space pistols from now forgotten soviet space theme parks to absurd early space or smart phones of their time "Russian Space Guns Kiev 1964" The Series Chris Spollen
“Pneumatic Pop Gun” 1963 Russian A hand crafted wood and metal Toy Arcade Pop Pun One of six guns this was a handcrafted arcade gun that was evolved with hitting dimensional orbiting space stations and flying saucers. This game required three pumps of air by the player to make ready each shot. Once released it forced colored corks at the three dimensional space objects knocking as many down as possible was the objective of this game of skill.
Just recently discovered in what appears to have been an early space based amusement park in Northern Kiev Russia. This was probably a space gun from a booth in that park recently dug up and dated to be around nineteen sixty-three or neaten sixty-four. The entire Russian countryside was completely enamored with anything to do outer space and or the space race during this period of Russian past Space history. Items like this one are considered rare but are not uncommon. This example is in very good shape considering its age. This example is fabricated from both metal and wood and looks to be a complete sample.
Ideas flow form at an almost obsessive level of mental imaging and as well as an almost neurotic needs to tinker. Never using a sketchpad always scrambling for paper in the attempt as not to lose an idea or image as they sort of pass by he minds eye in that never-ending river of thoughts. The more one does this the more he mind wants to engage in this process. It is the thumbnail habit on steroids a lifetime of thinking visually gets one to this level. The so called smart phone is the death kiss to such activity as it engages one in endless and mindless activity not that this is a bad thing for some this is a welcome distraction as for me I reuse to have one, it would simply stop my flow and kill my creativity.
New Jersey Mosquito 1964 Staten Island New York Few can probably remember “the mosquito man” but for my gang and me in the early sixties growing up on Staten Island it was a source of great fun. It was simply an old modified surplus army jeep set up with a large barrel of some unknown chemical that when spayed out as atomized fog would kill mosquitos. The truck would drive from block to block slowly spaying out volumemus amounts of thick white fog. It was simply to irresistible for kids of younger years not to jump in it and run around in this thick made man white fog of a magical fantasy world. For some reason all the very large mosquitos were called “Jersey Mosquitos”. I guess the reasoning was that if they were that big they probably flew over from New Jersey to our little island looking for helpless victims. Looking back on this now I did believe at the time that this had to be true. The reason that they were so large was that they had been hatched and raised in the marshes in and around the oil refineries. The fact that had survived that level of pollution was proof that they were now a new and slightly genetically deformed super breed of mosquito. An all-metal sculpture with a wingspan of over three and a half feet with a removable base This one was captured January 2016 at Midland Beach Staten Island New York. It still always starts with doodles and a pencil and a bit of a daydream in this case that curved tail constructed out of multiple cans that simply captured my imagination and drew me towards the creation and completion of this bug.
Eighteen degrees on a very cold February morning and I am carrying around a four-foot robot and phographing this all-metal robot on the beach in the water and in winter. Its eight thirty in the morning as the wind in making my eyes tear, and I must take my gloves off to shoot the camera and my fingers are freezing. The only problem with this entire scenario is that this is exactly when and how you get the best shots. So I simply spray siliconed my old work boots wrapped my head in a large wool scarf and did the photo-shoot, the rest is history.
Moon Landing Well, we did it landed we just landed on the moon yesterday morning in fact, Da Vinci’s new ideas worked. He just confessed to me however that he had never really designed a Rocetship before, I was always interested in human powered flight he just confessed to me but never powered flight as in this case a steam powered flying rocket ship a sort of a “silver bullet”. Well we cannot say very long for I have to teach class tomorrow, but what an amazing journey, space flight is the future and a true adventure for sure.
Old Race Horse
I kind of feel that currently I am a little bit like that old racehorse. A horse that finally no longer has to race each day to earn his daily bread, but I still very much enjoy the race. I still think in visuals within the minds eye and now in three dimensions. I still compuslulivy doodle out thumb nail sketches and I seem to be to be dipping into a stream of ideas that might have always been there, but until recently I have simply been unable to see them. Ideas are coming in ones and twos and threes from some where in my past as if in a stream in which I just look down and pick them out of the flow. The only real difference is that now I no longer have to show my thoughts to an art director or an editor for that matter. The many years of working freelance as left me with process of image making firmly burned into my minds eye. It has left me finely a tuned old horse with some fairly good old habits. My new path is rather joyful in the freedom that I have found in these greener pastures. I still rise quite early each day and put in a full day of making, and tinkering in some respects I am working harder now then when I was freelancing, but its fun.
The main difference is that currently I am working with large forms that are welded, epoxied, and or glued and they take a bit longer to finish.
Cosmonaut Rotomoton # M42 (Russia) The worlds first fully functioning Rotomoton to guide, fly, and circle navigated the earth Augest 12, 1961
“The Stalin #6” A first attempt at a Digital Space Smart Phone 1961 {Russian Space Art} A pre- curser to todays modern day smart phone It scanned the heavens with a radar-equipped antenna, and then the device was switched to microwave transmitter to deliver and receive audio input. It worked somewhat well but the signal from earth was weak and the single had a lot of noise and static in its transmission. Four versions of the Stalin six were made seven, eight and nine were all made an all tested in nineteen sixty two. But the rotation of the earth and the suns radiation all caused reception problems so funding was cut for this a first “Russian Smart Space Phone” in nineteen sixty five
“The Piften Rostioff” Russia1964 Depicted here is sort of a Russian early pic-to-drawing of a proposed space weapon for Cosmonauts on board space flight defense system. The “Piften Rostioff” as it was named was alleged to have been a multi shot laser two handed cranked cockpit gun. This design was fabricated at a clock-manufacturing factory just outside Kiev and in fact incorporated some clock mechanisms in its internal workings. Weight was of primary concern as well a size in the early Russian Space Program. It’s still an enigma as why so many examples of these fine designs were never produced, there were several weapons manufacturing companies in Russia during this time all competing for these much valued space contract
Russian Space Guns “The Series” “The Piften Rostioff” Russia1964 (Model B) Shown here is he “Shanghai Hellcat” holding a Piften Rostioff Model # 2B, 1962 outside the factory gates near Kiev Russia
The Mercedes Bug On New Years Day.” “Morning Flight 1899” Believed to be an early scale model for what is believed to have been Mr. Karl Benz’s early aviation period. His flying machine model protype has been dated around 1899. Few people know that Mr. Benz was also an avid flight enthusiast. Some refer to this design as an early drone design but it was in fact his prototype for and early airplane. This peculiar sculpture has a wingspan of over three and a half feet and a body length of two and a half feet. It is an all-metal and wood construction art piece that sits on it own flight station pedestal or take off base. This flying machine also bears the now famous Mercedes-Benz logo.
Morning Departure Winter December1928 The USS Shenandoah Costal Support Weather Zeppelin Standing over three and a half foot high this sculpture is composed of both steel wood and cardboard and she has been is fully winterized. She proudly stands on a removable all steel mechanically based podium and launch pad design. A solid art piece of hand made construction reminsisent of yet another time in America’s not too distant aviation history.
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