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Tropen 4 (Jainism-alter piece)

AUGUST 5, 2008
Jainism alter piece
The 4th poster that I painted for the Tropen Museum was for a Jainism alter piece. Jainism is an ancient religion of India. The goal for a Jain member is to leave earth and to reach Dharma/Nirvana. To achieve this they need to stop their soul from rebirthing. The Jain strongly believe that they are punished with a rebirth when their soul is open to negative emotions such as jealousy and greed. To block every possible negative emotion they live an extremely peaceful life where meditation plays an important role. This modern golden statue of emptiness (made in 2004) is used by Jain people in their meditation to purify their soul. It helps them to become nothing, disconnect from the existing world and free their soul from the material world.
Sketch 1
Sketch 2
Final drawing
color studies (about 1"x2")
I usually paint  a few quick color studies to hash out some of the details. The client wanted a specific blue in the background so I sent these.
final oil painting 18"x24"
Zoom 2
Zoom 3
Tropen poster
poster at an Amsterdam train station
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