introducing Benjamin Güdel

MAY 12, 2010
I was stuck in my studio all last weekend working, so I started chatting with my friend and Swiss based illustrator Benjamin Güdel online. Well, actually I have never met him, but I still consider him a friend. I have friends like that in many parts of the world.

I first saw Benjamin's work years back in his book of illustrations Blood Sweat and Tears (published by Gestalten, Germany) and totally fell in love with the power and drama he illustrates. All his works look as if they are movie stills, segments of scenes out of intriguing stories. They are just so gripping.

Benjamin has been working as established illustrator in Europe for quite a while, so on our chat, when he mentioned "I have never worked with US client", I was completely surprised.
I mean, what a huge loss on our end not to be exposed to such amazing images in the stateside???????

So, I feel like it is my mission to introduce this awesome illustrator/friend to my fellow Americans. You can enjoy more of his work at http://www.guedel.biz

By the way, I totally imagined him as  a young hipster dude, but apparently he is more of a family man. He said he spent last weekend weeding his lawn with two young kids. I love his work even more!

from his book Blood Sweat and Tears. It's a stunningly gorgeous book! I bring to my class every school year and students go nuts.

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