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MAY 24, 2012
Whistling Yoo-Hoo
“F.U.,” an exhibition that examines and beautifully illustrates U.S. Fair Use laws as they pertain to artists, will open Memorial Day weekend at WFG Gallery. As  show curator Norm Magnusson explains, “If you’re an artist engaged in any kind of collage, you will most likely at some point create something that uses parts of something else. When you do, you’ll be subject to Fair Use laws,” he says. “That which the arts community calls ‘appropriation,’ the legal community calls either ‘infringing’ and other might call just ‘theft.’ ” Thieving or borrowing? Is it a great compliment of flatter usages or it is a major F.U. to the originating artist? Come decide for yourself at the WFG Gallery.

The show will feature a small section explaining the concept of Fair Use and will include works by David Anthone, Julie Chase, Tasha Depp, Valerie Fanarjian, Chad Ferber, David Goldin, Stevan Jennis, Norm Magnusson, Molly Rausch and James Westwater, all of whom use preexisting imagery in their works. For each artist’s pieces, gallery visitors will be asked to consider whether it is Fair Use or not.

  F.U. opens on May 26th, with an artists’ reception from 5 to 7 p.m. The show will be on display at the WFG Gallery until July 22, 2012.

The WFG Gallery is located at 31 Mill Hill Road, Woodstock, NY 12498. (845) 679-6003. http://wfggallery.com/ Hours of Operation are daily from 11-5, closed Wednesdays.

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