David Goldin
November 2006
Maurice is in last place. from GO-GO-GO! by Goldin
I'm packing up my work for a show at Storyopolis, opening Dec. 9th in LA.
The show will include pages from a picture book I did titled GO-GO-GO. A story of a bicycle race. Every page Maurice takes on another passenger as he races against Stinky, the mean bully.
I'm looking forward to going out there for the opening and hope to see you all there. I've reserved a stretch limo for fellow Drawgers, and arranged private suites for you all at the Mondrian. I'll post the invitation closer to the date of the show.
The Hideous Kidney Sisters
The Kidney Sisters
Their perfume is strong, their song, like a cat in pain.
You can smell them before you see them, as they fart and
giggle their way down the block. These evil twins emit noxious fumes
and are always looking for a good time.
Lima Bean Monster
Lima Bean Monster or Phaseolus lunatas, Fabaceae
This is one of a series of Vegetarian Monsters and Vegan Beasts.

The Lima Bean Monster or Phaseolus lunatas, Fabaceae, is clearly the red-headed step-child of the legume family. Children run in terror when they see this enormous bean legume staring up at them from the dinner plate.
Immature lima beans are one of the principal ingredients of succotash. Dry lima beans require lengthy soaking of about twelve hours and thorough cooking. Both soaking water and cooking water should be discarded to eliminate flatulence-inducing oligosaccharides.
Having Good the Thanksgiving
Goldin ein Praha / from show in Prague
Many holiday wishes to my fellow Drawgers and fans of Drawger.
Thanks to all the new friends I've made here,
thanks to Zimm for putting this place together,
and thanks for putting up with my point of view,
however strange it may be.
Now go, eat squirrel.
drawger poll logo
Is it cool to post a job you did last night? 

What if it doesn't hit the newsstands for a while?

I love the idea of being able to post the latest - but don't want to pull open the shower curtain on any of my clients.
I should be asking them these questions, but am curious how my fellow drawgers feel about this.
Mr. Waxman
Mr. Waxman by Goldin
I almost never do caricatures mainly because I feel I'm just not good at it.  After years of telling myself I don't do them perhaps I gave up too soon. Also Zina has inspired me,  I love her posts, and Mr. Waxman's postings of portraits. That being said... I decided to give it a try!
Mr. Waxman is my first victim. I apologize ahead of time- and I'll remove this image if it is inappropriate.
I would love a critique of this. I really tried to do something graphic - quick read and recognizable.

and now... I throw myself to the dogs.
Monkey Song
Sketch from Children's Book
If you believe in Darwin's theory
I'm not saying you have to but it's an interesting theory
Darwin said we all evolve from monkeys
If his theory is accurate and who am I to say?
Does the opposite work going the other way?
If it does I wanna devolve back to a monkey

I wanna be a monkey that's for sure
I wanna be a monkey like Curious George

I would sit around all day just eating bananas
I might be naked or just wear pyjamas
And make my money appearing in hilarious movies
Monkey see, monkey do
That would be my excuse
It's not my fault, I'm just a monkey who can see

I wanna be a monkey, that'd be nice
I wanna be a monkey, eating other monkey's lice

When they say it's so easy that a monkey could do it
I'd be more than happy to prove it
Then you'd know for sure if it was easy or not
And if you wanna see the home of Michael Jackson
I could provide some simian distraction
Cuz we all know monkeys are Michael's second biggest weakness

I wanna be a monkey yes I do
I wanna be a monkey and fling my poo
I wanna be a monkey
I'd be agape if I was an ape
What a thrilla to be a gorilla
It would rock to be a macaque
I wanna be a monkey

Lyrics by the Arrogant Worms

Respects to Mr. Flaherty
Pimpin all over the World
The fancy cars, the women and the caviar, you know
who we are, cause we pimpin all over the world,
The fancy cars, the women and the caviar, you know who we are, cause we
pimpin all over the world.

I'm in New York
at the Puerto Rican day parade, then at night I'm in New
Orleans drinkin hand Grenades, outnumbered by the dozens at
the jazz fest,
in Mardigra all the women tryna show me
They chest, Heyy
I'm in Jamaica spendin massive bucks,
while the ladies all beggin me to mash it up, I had sad
Beginnings when I rap wit no fans, now it's all happy
endings in my lap in Japan,
Hey I used to think that it was way too cold til I went to Canada
and saw some beautiful hoes, now I
Hit the caribana every year in Toronto, then
fly to Illinois to get a taste of Chicago(ugh),Oh
Yet and still you would'nt believe your eyes if you went to Brazil,
ain't no need of even askin
Brah, the best women are
reside in Africa, and that's real
Tenors Anyone?
One of my first CD Covers
Album covers were a huge influence on me growing up. LP's, Vinyl, nice big square cardboard.
I had a pretty big record collection and would stare at the art while the record played. I wanted to grow up to be an album cover artist.
After graduating art school, moving to New York City, entering competitions, sending out postcards... the phone rang.
It was CBS Records, they wanted me to do an album cover. In my mind I'm seeing all these great Rock bands, T-shirts, Posters...
please remember... I was a kid just out of school. It was a series of Opera compilations. This was also the politically correct 80's.
First lesson of compromise: O.K. you get your record cover Mr. Goldin... BUT... now it's called a CD and it's oh, so small.
Second lesson: No, Mr. Goldin... you get Opera, you can't Rock. Not today.  "That's cool, I'm O.K."
Third lesson: No, Mr. Goldin...We have to be politically correct. Don't draw the Tenors fat, it's not PC.  "But then it doesn't make any sense."
Fourth lesson: Fight for your rights. So I made them morbidly obese and not fat.  

- the fat lady has sung
Mechanical Bull
CD Cover Art by Goldin
My friend recently got divorced, bought a cowboy hat, and formed a band. Mechanical Bull.  They play both kinds of music, 
Country and Western.
Being a fan of rednecks, blues and beer...I volunteered to do the cover art. Now I've done my share of CD covers, but never was art directed so much.  I had to watch this grown man pretending he's a hot chick riding a bull. It's not my typical style. I tried a version that was  but it looked far too classy - we were going for the redneck look. Did I pull it off?
If you're in your trailer park and looking for a good listen then check out: Mechanical Bull.

Here's a link to their myspace page that has a few songs.
Don't call me baby
Puttin out fiires with gasoline
Box o Wine
Video store girl
My Baby's just a six pack away
Waitin' for the beer to get cold
Old friend
Paul Elijah
Another Beautiful Day
Funny thing about luck
House that ain't a home
Stamps for Email
I Love Stamps.
Picking out stamps at the Philatelic center in Rockefeller Center Post Office. Bringing them home to my apartment.
Opening the glassine envelope. The smell. taking the block in my hand. Feeling them sticking slightly to my fingers.
Tearing one away along the perforated edge. The the intimacy of licking it's back. Pressing it firmly to the envelope.
The lingering taste in my mouth.   Ahem...
Now email is probably up there with the automobile as far as inventions go. But missing...  is the stamp.
Evil Accordion Animation Experiment
Evil Accordion Player
I'm about to start some animations with After Effects. I've only done some short experiments focusing on learning the program and incorporating my artwork. Now I'm going to work on making shorts that don't look so homemade. Having worked in animation for years I never... wait a minute... Pixar's calling.... gotta go!

Click here to see animation
Saunders 2008
Saunder's Campaign 2008
Musings from the White House.

How about an illustrator for pres?  Rob, you've got my nomination.
French Fry missing a deadline.
What?  You never had to ask for a little more time?

In general though... I always meet my deadlines. Especially for the Weeklies.
Years ago, after a hurricane, we lost power. I had a job due for TIME. I got to Fed Ex and thought
I was gold. Then I learned nothing was getting out that night. I packed up my tower- 9600 Mac
and drove to the city. Got the job in on time... just ignore the XXX folder please.
Public Service Announcment from the David Goldin Studio
be a thorn in their side.
but don't just VOTE...
Use your brain and vote for CHANGE!
Saturday Night Anatomy Lesson
Anatomy 101
" No, that's not my Left Ventricle, and no... it's not my Trachea. "

This is a piece I did about the TV show ' Grey's Anatomy '.
My wife watches the show- I can't, physically unable. I went to the studio and did this while she watched the TV show.
I love being in control of the mediums involved. I used to rely on photographers, transparency houses, and Fed Ex.
Now, up a mountain, up a dead end dirt road...
I can create an image like this fast!
Now all I need to do is find a magazine to buy it.  TV Guide?  Entertainment Weekly? Footwear News? HellOoooo ?
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