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Sulphur Bros. Fireworks

JULY 8, 2008
Kids enjoying the show
This last 4th 'O' July - Independence Day was a blast!
When the Sulphur Bros. light up the sky it's a real show.
Giant displays so close ashes land on you.
Ahhhh, nothing like the smell of Nepalm.
It starts with kids screaming and running wild with smoke bombs
duct taped to poles.
Quick we need more empty bottles...
Then the small arsenal goes up. Bottle rockets and small displays with reports.
Goldin and Emmett Hitz
Whoop dere it is...
Don't get him mad.
Emmet Hitz Ninja Style. He taped smoke bombs to both ends of his staff of protection.
Magnesium Sulfite... who knew?
Uh, Oh.... unpredictable Chinese Fireworks.... Stand back.
The ariel displays didn't photo so well.
It's finally  dark and everything is lit.
After the big stuff there are lots of sparklers for all the pyromaniac kids.

I did get a few jobs that I attribute to my fireworks passion.
I did the cover of the Washington Post Magazine
and some 4th 'O' July spots for the Boston Globe.

One is very disturbing...
Don't forget the Sauerkraut!
 " Put some Mustard on it Buddy! "