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Illustration Fashionista

JUNE 10, 2008
Street scene
   I create new characters all the time, naming them, giving them jobs and placing them in all sorts of different situations. Some are modish and some are meant to look like vestiges of the past clinging to their disappearing world.
Mr. Hitz on the job
That's when a fellow drawger hinted that one of my characters looked a little dated. I laughed, he was right.
Illustration meltdown
 I didn't realize that my drawing of Morton Wartley Humpshire IV would suffer though. My illustration appeared to be having an identity crisis. Looking in the mirror he no longer liked what he saw. His hat had always made him feel distinguished, well cut and debonair. That's why I drew it on him. Had others failed to notice this? Had they failed to notice that his hat wasn't just a hat, but a Fedora, made of the finest felt from Belgian rabbit fur? And yet perhaps he had fallen out of style...
Nice hat eh?
Morton Wartley Humpshire IV fell into despair. He decided then and there to change his self image... with my help of course... and he put his Fedora away. From now on everything in life would be before or after the Fedora.
Morton's Downward Dog
 I helped by getting him started with a Yoga practice. It wasn't pretty, and there was a lot of grunting, groaning and other embarrassing bodily noises. 
Sweatin to the oldies?
Then on to free weights. Every day he fought the urge to quit working out and to put his Fedora back on. But he wouldn't give up.
Smooth operator
Soon Morton began to see results and I gave him a new wardrobe. A little more in vogue, armed with a new look, he began to feel unstoppable. Look out world! Here comes the NEW Morton Wartley Humpshire IV. 
Thank you, Mr. Hitz a la mode.