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Float don't float

MAY 17, 2008
Horse trailer. "No, you can't weld things on it".
  My friends down the road, Doug Abel and Jenny Brown, co-founders of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, asked me to design a float for them for the Vegan Pride Parade in NYC. Hell yeah, who wouldn't want to design a float? A moron that's who! They have a horse trailer to work with, pulled by a pick up. I went down to the farm and took a photo of the trailer. It was uneventful. I've been there before and had a pigeon land on my head.
My float design
  Then to the drawing board. I asked up front if this should be light hearted or intense. So I came up with this. A giant chicken in a nest with a giant word balloon.  They went for it!   It would be in the parade May 18th in the village and end at Washington Square Park. Kroninger might see it!
I'm crying it's so good.
Then I get the first email regarding the float. There were changes. O.K. I always expect that.
The Giant Colon sketch
  Then they didn't have the right permit, or something so it was on hold. Then it was a go. Then it got killed all together. Now instead of a giant chicken quoting a character from a tweety bird cartoon there will be a giant Colon with rotting meat inside. I was offered the chance to make a paper maché turd for the intestine but I just wasn't inspired.
Anyone who's in the area and wants to see Vegan pride check it out and let me know how the colon looks.