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The Fruit of Our Labor

MARCH 23, 2008
der Pumper-Blat
I get the phone - it's one of  "THOSE"  calls... no budget, no time, but I'll be famous! ... I'd be lucky to get a free lunch.
I take the assignment. It's from none other than Hitz, our fellow drawger. He's been busy over the winter. After the Cider Day Party, or the CDP as it's know locally, Hitz stashed away kegs of cider in his cellar. Thus began the fermentation process...
Carboy full of Hard Cider

The label idea was approved after minor changes. I  print them myself and hand deliver them hot off the press. I arrive at the Hitz distillery and bottling company to find Hitz has already lugged the Carboy up from the cellar by himself. Ooh that's heavy!

 The first batch is a limited edition, each label is cut out by hand. No two are the same.

That's not a bottle Goldin.

Then I'm positioned next to the Carboy and the bottling begins.

Another Hitz

I fill the bottles and Emmett corks them. He and I take a quick break to shoot his paint ball gun. Hitz is off applying adhesive to the labels.

The conveyor belt

Then come the red plastic shrink wrap covers. They are dipped into boiling water and the labels are applied.

"Packs a Punch"

Then we were done. We had a beautiful finished product with an acquired taste.

Company Mascot

Then came the photo shoot for the ads, posters and billboards.
The glass half full

We enjoy the Fruit of our labor, I get out my accordion an create the most god awful sounds...

And then to my surprise... there is a free lunch after all! ...
Hitz, founder and president of Hitz Bottling Co.

Here you go Goldin... Cauliflower!