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Pirate Ship

MARCH 17, 2008
Build a pirate ship they said...
So I went to the studio, grabbed a hunk of wood and a pull-saw and got to work.
That was slow going so I got out the power saw and got things in shape pretty quick.
The hull still needed a lot of shaping but that would come later. I realized any good pirate ship needs a maidenhead. A stoic figure on the bow fearlessly facing the seas...
I grabbed a small scrap of wood, did a quick sketch and pulled out my knife.
I started carving. I haven't whittled wood since I was a kid, it's fun.
It didn't take long to get her into shape when suddenly I get a tap on the shoulder... Not that kind of pirate ship goofball! One for little kids for a birthday party. O.K. sometimes I go off in the wrong direction... Coming About...
First I have to make some Jolly Rogers for each guest.
Who'd ever guess I run a pirate flag factory out of my house?
Now on to building a pirate ship. Cardboard is perfect.
That, a roll of packing tape and a box cutter. Make sure the children are not in the box when cutting. Soon it was ship shape and ready.
The "Rum Runner" complete with portholes, hatchway, and rolling waves.
Then the pirates arrived and the pillaging began. Arggggggh Matey!