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"All at Sea"

APRIL 13, 2007
Cover by Charles Grave
This is a great book I found years ago at Guarnaccia's yard sale-at his studio when it was in the Meat District on 14th.
It was a mob scene and deserves it's own post, but back to this little gem...

This is an illustrated book published by MOSS BROS & CO. Ltd.
MOSS BROS is/was a high end department store. I don't know much about this, maybe A.Richard Allen can shed a little more light on this place. ( I heard he shops here).
But this book illustrates going on a cruise and all the different attire you will need and why. You don't want to be wearing flannel to high tea-Tweed is what you'll need. That would have been embarrassing. What should you wear when going ashore in Tangiers? 4th floor.
The illustrations are by Charles Grave. I don't know anything about him and tried to find more. A few small things came up in my search but nothing as cool as this book. If you know anything about this illustrator, Moss Bros, Cruise ships, or Tweed, let me know.