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Goldin vs. the St. Patrick's Day Parade

MARCH 17, 2007
Mmmmmm..... Guinness!
The only REAL job I ever had was right out of art school at the Ink Tank. Working for the great R.O. Blechman.
Now only people who have worked there really understand how intense it was... whatever the task, it had to be done, and fast!
It was St. Patrick's Day and Fifth Ave. was closed with people lining the sidewalks five rows deep. The Ink Tank was three blocks from
St. Patrick's Cathedral, the heart of mid-town and most congested. Goldin was delivered the task of taking a package to the Tape House (on the other side of Fifth Ave.)  for a very important client. It had to be done that moment no, ifs, ands, or buts.
    Finally the years of going to Rock concerts and squirming my way to the stage payed off. I got through all the drunken revelers only to be confronted by a very aggressive policeman of Irish decent. Just picture, running across Fifth Avenue, holding the Master Reel of animation, being chased by a cop while running between men in Kilts playing bagpipes. THREE TIMES I crossed the parade that day. One time I ran into a high school friend. I didn't know that at intervals they let people cross the street. D'oh!