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Perfon of the Day

FEBRUARY 2, 2007
Shaloman issue #1
" Dude, you have Shaloman #1? "
" Of course, dude. You think I got a lame collection? "
These comics came out in the early 1990s'
Shaloman is an Israeli super hero dude.
Defending the citizens from terrorists.
Stopping suicide bombers before they reach their target.
Shaloman issues 2,3 and 4
Issues 2,3, and 4 his character develops and we see nothing can defeat him. He's probably at this point in his career,
just appearing on the radar of the League of Super heroes. Maybe even already under consideration for member status.
Shaloman issue #5
" Dude"
"What about issue number 5 dude?"
By issue number 5 he goes to outer space and meets an alien. Shaloman has jumped the shark.