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Passenger Safety

JANUARY 14, 2007
Indian Airways
"Please place your seats in the upright position. The fasten seat belt sign has been illuminated"
"Refer to the Safety Instructions in the seat back in front of you for the nearest Emergency Exit."

I've travelled a little and flown on some of the worst, broke down, horrific airlines and airplanes.
On Garuda Airways, asleep in my aisle seat, I wake suddenly as we hit turbulence and the side of my seat falls off.
Stuck in an airport in Rajastan for 9 hours with only a 10-watt light-bulb to read by. These airline experiences have happened here in the United States as well.
I was a 10 year old flying alone. The stewardess asked if I'd like to have a look in the cockpit ( oh, shut up).
So there I am meeting the pilot and copilot and they're showing me the controls when out of the blue a lightning bolt strikes.
The pilot panics and screams "get him out of here!" and I'm rushed back to my seat and lights start flashing and seat belt signs light up.
Don't worry, I made it.
Anyway... every airline has their own Safety Instructions. Somehow I've managed to collect a few of these over the years, along with a variety of airsick bags.
Some of the graphics are great, I wish I could get an assignment like that.
Tarom Airways... UGH! and others...