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Mechanical Bull

NOVEMBER 16, 2006
CD Cover Art by Goldin
My friend recently got divorced, bought a cowboy hat, and formed a band. Mechanical Bull.  They play both kinds of music, 
Country and Western.
Being a fan of rednecks, blues and beer...I volunteered to do the cover art. Now I've done my share of CD covers, but never was art directed so much.  I had to watch this grown man pretending he's a hot chick riding a bull. It's not my typical style. I tried a version that was  but it looked far too classy - we were going for the redneck look. Did I pull it off?
If you're in your trailer park and looking for a good listen then check out: Mechanical Bull.

Here's a link to their myspace page that has a few songs. http://www.myspace.com/mechanicalbullpen
Don't call me baby
Puttin out fiires with gasoline
Box o Wine
Video store girl
My Baby's just a six pack away
Waitin' for the beer to get cold
Old friend
Paul Elijah
Another Beautiful Day
Funny thing about luck
House that ain't a home