Edel Rodriguez
Violence series / LA Times
For article about the research into the psychological link between violence in films and violence in real life

I was commissioned by The Los Angeles Times to create a series of images about violence in the entertainment industry and its link to the current gun control debate, to appear in the paper this weekend.  The stories ranged from the good aspects of violence on screen and theater, the psychological release of fantasy, to the negative aspects of gore, video games, and pop music lyrics.  It made for a strong topic to work with at length since it brings up so many issues.   Above is one of the main images and below are sketches and the rest of the entire series.  Thanks to art director Paul Gonzalez for the assignment.
Grouping of thumbnails and sketches for all the different topics. Wanted to see how I could use one color in a variety of ways, as background, highlight, tone, etc.

Article on why film violence is good, a reflection of what happens in real life, how to learn to appreciate it.

A writer on why he can happily play violent video games but be appalled by violent films.
Article on why it is that horror directors have the frankest understanding of how violence works on screen.

On violence in drama on stage, its long history, its crowd-grabbing power and its slippery nature.

Interview with an author about his new book "Gun Guys: A Road Trip"
On the issue of gore and graphic violence in films and forensic tv shows like CSI and Law and Order. CBS, for example, has no problem with showing body parts of crime victims in autopsy rooms. But a bullet hitting a crime victim? That's forbidden.

On violence tinged lyrics in hip hop and pop music

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