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The General Gets Dumped June 24 This is for today's Op-Ed in The New York Times on the firing of General McChrystal.  I got a call... Today's Op-Ed February 11 This is today's Op-Ed for the New York Times, the story is about Iran and the idea that the country could... Haiti January 14 "Reaching Out to a Devastated Haiti", art for today's New York Times. Today's Op-Ed on the I.R.A. March 16 Today's Op-Ed is about the recent killing of two soldiers and a police officer in Northern Ireland by a splinter I.R.A.... Todays Op-Ed: Obama and Iran's nuclear aspirations February 2 Today's NY Times Op-Ed is about how Obama will handle the situation with Iran.  The full article is... 2008 Notable Op-Ed Art January 4 This Op-Ed piece I did on Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe was selected for The New York Times "Notable Opinion Art of... Op-Eds for the NY Times July 22 Has Brian Rea left NYC yet?  Whenever I think I've worked on the last assignment with Brian, he calls with a new... Today's Op-Ed: Myanmar May 19 I got a call on Friday afternoon from Brian at the Op-Ed page.  He needed a final....that afternoon. ... Today's Op-Ed: "Dungeons & Austrians" May 2 Article by John Wray for the NY Times begins...."AUSTRIA, that lovely little Alpine republic on the banks of the... Pope Op-Ed April 18 This is for an Op-Ed in today's New York Times.  The article is titled "Our Neighbor, the Pope", a... Mugabe Op-Ed April 1 Yesterday, around 2:30pm, I got a call from Brian at the Times Op-Ed page.   He said something that sounded a... Op-Eds March 20 I got a call from the Boston Globe, they are starting to use illustration as part of a new Op-Ed page, I'm not sure... Today's Op-Ed: Kabul, Afghanistan January 25 I did this for today's NY Times Op-Ed, accompanying a story about how Kabul has become a dangerous place again after it... Notable Op-Ed Art of the Year January 3 Here's a link to 17 pieces of Op-Ed art that were chosen by The New York Times as being notable for 2007.  I have...
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