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Series for Newsweek magazine

MARCH 16, 2010
This is a series of illustrations in this week's Newsweek magazine.  I got the call last Wednesday from art director Leah Purcell to do five illustrations for an article about China's new world dominance.  All the art was due on Friday.  Once I figured out the opener image above, I decided to mirror the round shape of the globe on all the following images.  Each subsequent image was supposed to illustrate China's rewriting of the rules in four separate areas—trade, technology, currency and world climate.  I had fun figuring it out and like how the circular shape makes for a cohesive series.   The article is titled "It's China's World We're Just Living in It" and is online here.
"Earlier this month China confirmed plans for its second unmanned lunar probe in October and the 2011 launch of a space module for the country's first docking exercise, all leading up to a 2013 moon landing. With NASA's budgetary rollback, China is now the only country making major investments in space exploration."
China rewriting the rules of the web and technology by censoring websites and being involved in cyber spying.
China has a horrible record on the environment but is actively involved in setting new international environmental standards.
"Beijing's efforts to push the yuan as a rival to the dollar are now making tentative progress. In the last few months, China has inked $100 billion in currency-swap agreements with six countries, including Argentina, Indonesia, and South Korea"
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