Douglas Fraser
July 2009
'65 Pan
Many other manufactures have tried to copy the line it laid down, and not been seen to do so. I've looked closely at the copies, and see the many plastic parts that stand in for the metal of the original. I'm not a chopper fan, no obnoxious pipes please, just an original used, but not abused classic. It's not the only bike I care to own, just one of a hundred. The name alone is a theme, Electra Glide.
1965 Electra Glide - Pan Head engine
no "Buddy" seat, just a classic "Pan" seat.
Last July 4th weekend I did a cover for LA Weekly. Subject is, "how two veterans of the L.A. punk scene wound up on a collision course, until only one was left standing, the other shot once through the heart at point-blank range with a .25 caliber handgun". The art director, Darrick Rainey suggested the classic face card composition, and I offered a scene sketch. I fleshed out his suggestion which I liked as well. Went with the brush and ink approach for a "punky" feel. Bright contrasty colors for newsprint. Fun assignment.

Final art
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