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Bull Pin

APRIL 8, 2020
Bull Pin - 20 x 19.25 inches, Graphite drawing & oils on panel
Bull Pin;
The two tiny items hung around my desktop for the last couple of years. As I looked at them from time to time they drew me in. The plastic manufactured quality of the bull. A bull that small, it made the pin look large. Thoughts about bull fights where the bull is killed by stabbing it. To stab a bull that small one would only need a pin?.... Bull Pin not bullpen.....the black of the bull with white horns & a red topped pin. The red a foreboding?…..Why did I painting this?..... freedom to entertain my non linear thoughts..... seven has been considered a lucky number, but maybe not for this bull...... structural drawing & painting to support an open ended entanglement of two random items that have fermented in my thoughts.
Painting with subject items
I did a frame out of poplar
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