Douglas Fraser
October 2009
Work & Bernie
I've been kinda crazy busy the last while. Most of the work I've done has not printed yet. Here's some more Motor Trend art which is always fun for me. After reading Harry's post I looked at the my old Swamp Thing copies. Bernie Wrightson made my head rock.

Electric or Gas, what's the mix?
Driving Benzs on the Nurburgring.
Harry, It was the comic book stand at the grocery store down on the corner which had me checking almost daily. I'd drop my bike on the ground outside the entrance, and head in to drink in all the covers. The magazine stand, and wire rotating comic book stand was the greatest art gallery in my life. The first copies drawn by Wrightson were the best! Sept-Oct 1973 issue
Awhile back I did my own little comic book. Chris Pitzer of Adhouse press published my thirty-two page graphic poem. I loved working on it, and exploring the process. Chris was and is very supportive. He's a huge fan of comics and producer of some gorgeous books. Adhouse Publishing is now offering several of it's titles for enjoying in a whole new way. Comixology is where you can get a digital copy of many comics.  
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